Bond 25 wishlist


She probably would enjoy working together with him - but a Bond film seems to be such a stressful production that I could imagine it a total nightmare for a couple to be front and center, especially with the new baby born shortly before shooting starts.


And this is why it now most certainly wont happen. I mean, if they’re both filming at the same time who’s looking after the baby?

With a new baby I’m sure they’ll want to stagger their work so there’s one of them with the bambino.

I only say this because they both seem like sensible, decent people who haven’t been fooled by the fame into thinking such far more important responsibilities don’t apply to them.

There’re celebs out there who I can all to easily imagine leaving a new baby with the help while they indulge their vocation. Not Craig and Weiss, imo, so I don’t see them co-starring any time soon.

Note: perhaps a counter argument is that by co-starring they get time together with the baby, who’s on-set or near by. Well, I think that’s a naive aim; the long hours, hectic schedules and implicit travel would mean that all they’re really doing is not spending time with their baby despite it being in the general vicinity.

Also, I know that many of us working people are indeed forced to spend a great deal of time away from our families and I don’t mean to suggest that any of them are being irresponsible. We do it because we have little choice. Craig and Weiss’ success mean they do have the luxury of choice and I imagine they’ll exercise it responsibly.


The EON daycare center is now open for business… :sunglasses:


You joke - but Jensen Aclekes wife, Daneel Harris, was able to appear in Supernatural after having twins purely by making sheer virtue of Ackles and Harris having no scenes together, meaning the other one could always be with the children.

But that obviously isnt an option for Craig/Weisz as, for the role to be small enough to have no scenes with James Bond in a James Bond film, you’d be wasting a highly acclaimed actress that many productions would kill for.


I suspect this plays a factor for doing Bond now, sticking with it allows him to maintain that luxury and a strong relationship with his producers that he wouldnt otherwise be able to garuntee.


Why not FRWL? Klebb pays an unexpected visit…


She was such a prick!


Well that’s official: we need a Guy Hamilton villainous revenge moment!


Ugh, no more rogue Bond.



I’m sure Bond got a kick out of it.


Bond’s been rogue so many times that not going rogue will be rogue.


Pretty much. At some point, they’ll reach a point, if they haven’t already, where more films feature this tactic than don’t, at which point that’s what the franchise’s defining trait may ultimately end up being.


It’s a tired out trope. He’s gone rogue in 3 of the 4 Craig films. In fact, he goes rogue for pretty much no reason in Spectre. Additionally, every Craig film has featured a traitor and every film since LTK, maybe TLD, (minus TND, I think) has featured a traitor to some organization. Again, I really hope this means that Boyle’s grand idea isn’t another MI6 traitor.


In Spectre he started rogue in the pts and ended rogue by walking off, chucking his gun and quitting!

I believe the technical term is Jumping the Shark.


Not to mention going rogue again when he convinces Q to mess with the smart blood program to give him a chance to get out of London without M knowing.


He wasn’t rogue from the scene in the Whitehall loft with M through to quitting at the end.

So ironically the only time he wasn’t rogue was the part of the movie that ruined Spectre.


He was rogue for a lot of other scenes that ruined Spectre. :wink: :rofl:


Spectre wasn’t perfect, but a very decent effort. The class that Mendez and Newman brought was an improvement on SF in many scenes imo.

But that whole London finale… it’s as though mendes movie ended in the Blofelds lair destruction, but Sony then handed it over to some dodgy network tv producers and asked them to add another finale. Feels far away in every respect from everything up to that point in the movie.


I’ve have been OK if they’d ended it with him blowing up Blofeld’s lair. At the very least it would have allowed for that alternate theory where all of what happens after the torture sequence happens in Bond’s mind and he’s still actually strapped to the chair. At least it would make it easier for Boyle and company to write some of Spectre out of cannon.

Spectre, as far as I’m concerned, should have been an entirely different movie. We finally had gotten Bond back to where things should have been strictly business (the whole exchange with M at the end of Skyfall), with all of the trappings of the franchise in place (Q, Moneypenny), but instead they felt the need to drag us through an unnecessary explanation of who had been supposedly behind everything in the other three films, a story which became so watered down after several drafts and the complete tossing of John Logan’s original, and much more interesting, take on all of it that it was near impossible to be anything other than disappointed in the final outcome.