Bond 25 wishlist


Thunderpaw anyone? :paw_prints:


Well, Brokenclaw is already taken…




Was the mouse sent by someone who wanted to bring down Oberhauser?

Was that the great Boyle idea?

Oh, my. Vesper never died. She was behind all this from the start!


The real twist would be that Vesper ended up being a Westworld-type of robot or android who is indeed controlled by…the mouse, who also happens to be Oberhauser himself. :wink: :rofl:

He showed Bond the secret room in order to send him into the clutches of his two henchmen, Mr. Hinx and Ernst Blofeld. It’s also revealed later that Oberhauser the Mouse is the one who perfected the torture technique used by Blofeld on Bond later in the film, and this is how he brainwashed Blofeld into both following him as well as believing himself to have been Franz Oberhauser in his younger days. The mouse figures that Bond will perish at the hands of either Mr. Hinx or Blofeld, so he does the mouse version of the long-winded villainous speech, which is to show him the secret room in the hotel.

He learns what all other Bond villains learn, if you really want to kill Bond, you have to do it yourself. Cue up the start of Bond 25, which finds Oberhauser the Mouse and his second in command, Irma Bunt (played by either Helena Bonham Carter or Jodie Foster, depending on which media rumor of the week you want to believe) as they both seek to eliminate Bond once and for all. This time, Bond has met his match. :laughing:


Bond 25 ending leaked!!