Bond 25 wishlist


If anything I make gets people to still direct all conversations to talk about it, 3 years after release, I’ll be ecstatic.


I never actually said rogue agent in my idea, I was going to keep him retired whilst being hunted down by those he used to call friends, aiming more for a 39 Steps or Le Carre vibe.


Come to think of it…wouldn’t it be interesting to see Bond re-activated as 7777 for some non-gunplay effort, more or less as a favour for his old masters. Which then of course turns out to have more to it than meets the eye…


A scene with Bond catching a villain cheating at cards would be nifty. Horowitz put a nice spin on this trope during Forever and a Day. We haven’t had something like this in the films since Octopussy.


I’d love to get a lead or clue as to where one might find Logan’s original draft :sunglasses:




I´d love to see more scenes like the funeral in SPECTRE (“Can´t you see I’m grieving?” - “No.” - Then Bond waving at the goons.). That’s the kind of humor Craig does really well.

Also on my wishlist:

  • great banter between Bond and the leading lady (see the first meeting with Vesper in CASINO ROYALE)
  • a villain with an intriguing scheme (QUANTUM OF SOLACE)
  • a villain who is menacing and fun (Silva)
  • stunning locations
  • the feeling of a travelogue, more bright sun, water and beaches instead of dark interiors and moors
  • a short exposition scene with M, Moneypenny and Q… and then having them reappear ONLY at the kiss-off
  • a title song which says “tongue-in-cheek”, not “swallowed tongue in despair”
  • a hench-woman

I don’t wish for…

  • scenes with a mouse leading to a secret compartment
  • a tagged-on climax in a drab location
  • Bond shooting down a helicopter which conveniently flies low enough and can crashland on a bridge
  • Q visiting Bond during the mission and escaping goons with limited brains
  • cinematography of gorgeous locations digitally graded just to fit into a rigid director´s idea which only sounded fine on paper
  • Bond going rogue, of course, just like every other team member


I loved that :mouse2: more so than I did a similar use of animal to advance plot in FYEO

(I do have a gif of that “Who are you working for?” but it’s too big for the page)

Other than that, every other thing has been done by other Bond movies.

  • The Living Daylights
  • From Russia With Love
  • Octopussy
  • Die Another Day
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Point is, if people are so keen to have a b**** about Spectre, create a thread to do exactly that, as I’m kind of sick of threads being diverted to do it, and I’m sure others are too.


I’m also a fan of the mouse scene - nice touch of wit and pathos - an intimate moment laced with melancholy.

Bond could’ve found the room in more traditional fashion, but this allowed us some intamacy with Bond while doing so. That for me is the difference between telling a story about people or a story about things hapenning.

Mendes and the writers turned this ‘thing hapenning’ into a scene about Bond - if only in a visceral way we feel ourselves under his skin briefly as he jokes with the mouse.


Everybody is welcome to bitch about SPECTRE or other films - and then we can debate that or just accept that others have a different opinion.

What’s the use of a message board with separate threads for positive and negative opinions?


The fact that this is the Bond 25 wish list page, not a Spectre reviews page.


And it´s also a fact that there are things I wish for in BOND 25 to not turn out like ideas realized in SPECTRE.

You love SPECTRE. That’s wonderful.

I had a love/hate-relationship with that film. And I would prefer BOND 25 to be a film I can love as much as you love SPECTRE.



Okay, I’m just wanting this page to stay on topic, apologies for singling out your post, I can see you did stick within the topic in a way others did not.

So to practice what I’m preaching.

I was thinking I’d quite like to see Bond attempt the retired life, but be unable to, seeing enemies on every corner, laying out traps at home to know if there’s been an intruder (like in Casino Royale’s book or the film of Dr No) - you could even you @sharpshooter suggestion of Bond noticing someone cheating at cards whilst out. This would be a good point to show that Bond is always going to be that spy, no matter how much he tries to escape it.


I defiantly agree with all of SAF’s other DON’T DOs for Bond25.

But the mouse… how about the mouse get a scene in every subsequent Bond movie, pointing the way to clues - a side kick like Hong Kong Phooey’s cat?

The ultimate finale would be bonds mouse vs blofeds cat, surely?


Coming soon to theaters… The Mouse Who Loved Me :wink:

The film definitely has to open up with the mouse on skis, being chased by Blofeld cat’s hench-cats, towards a cliff. Cue the Bond theme as he parachutes away.


As someone who loved this film when I was small

A James Bond version would be brilliant, though I somehow doubt that’s the route Boyle would go, though if it where to be in a Bond film, a drug induced hallucination seems as likely a way as any…Andrew Scott could voice the cat!


For Your Ears Only

(Is that too subtle?)


Octopussy wouldn’t need changing…


We’d see the return of cheesy one-liner.







You Only Squeak Twice