Bond Blu Ray Question

I was watching Goldfinger on Blu Ray last night and happened to notice just before Mr Solo meets his demise, as the car turns the corner (around the 117:15 mark); there is a blink and you’ll miss it skip in the picture.

I noticed something similar when watching the Dr No Blu Ray, when Bond is visiting Strangways house after the murder.

What’s the reason for this? Damage on the original film negative; or is it that HD picks up these imperfections due to the clarity?

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As for your question, I suspect this could perhaps really be due to the HD formation - but that in turn would have been likely caused by either damage to the master source or a tiny fault while the reading was done.

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE’s last few frames have featured a slight break for as long as I can remember; I suppose that was due to a failure in the copy process.