Bond Fan Videos


Here’s the thread to post all your Bond related videos.

Here’s several of my Bond tribute videos.

I will certainly be creating more in the near future.


Brilliant videos. The Private Eyes concept was especially well done. :+1:


Thanks. Bond lends itself well to a music video style format. More so than other series. I’m currently working on an Indiana Jones video in the similar vein and it doesn’t quite work as well as Bond. It’s still early though. I think all my videos are horrible at one point or another while I’m making them.


Agreed. Loved the Private Eyes vid!


Well ladies and gents, here’s my crack at a fan video.

Following the tragic death of Madeleine Swann in the pre-title sequence of BOND 25, imagine this title sequence song kicking in…

I’m a big La Roux fan and think her vocals and style could match the melancholic yet technological feel the next Bond film may incorporate.


Quite like the start of it, until it get’s into that dance style at about 2 mins 30!


I agree, @Surrie. That’s the only bit that didn’t fit Bond. However, this is one of La Roux’s most Bondian tunes, so I went with it.


Nicely done Gobi and 006, I concur with the others but there’s a good vibe to the tune.

Sadly, in her day, I really feel we were deprived of what could have come with an Amy Winehouse/David Arnold collaboration for a title song. Damn if the girl didn’t have a voice and sound.


Something etherial and sombre could be well fitting. I’d be onboard for that.


This is a little something I threw together for Youtube. Like most people I have strong onions on the next Bond and Dan Stevens is my favoured candidate. When I discovered he narrated an audiobook of Casino Royale I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear him deliver the iconic ‘Bond, James Bond’. After that I took snippets of dialogue and narration (and a little Bond theme for good measure) and created a slide show to form an audition of sorts. Enjoy!


Interesting presentation; I confess I hadn’t heard of him before.

For the record, I don’t have strong onions, but I do apologize for the garlic.


New video!

Diamonds Are Forever - Music Remix by Jimmy Gerdin


Inspector Q!


That’s bloody adorable. Well Done!:rofl:


Indeed, well done.


You’ve GOTTA watch this! <3


Here’s a new one from The Usual Suspect. Great trailer. I’m a fan of his trailer remixes.


Blofeld’s Most Evil Scheme!