Double Or Nothing by Kim Sherwood out 1st September 2022

Well, as it is multiple Double-O’s, she could use “Spies Like Us” but there’s a copyright issue. :thinking: :wink:


Some more information from Kim herself:

Unfortunately for fans, there’s still a while to wait before they can get their hands on the book – with hardback copies landing on shelves on 25th April 2024, priced at £16.99.

Sherwood previously teased a little about what fans can expect from the second novel during an exclusive interview with earlier this year.

“I guess I can say that people will get to revisit characters who hopefully they’ve grown to love from Double or Nothing,” she said. "There’ll also be some returning fan favourites and some new characters.

"But, tonally and structurally, it’s quite different from Double or Nothing. The stories all flow together, although you can read them as standalone, but I was really interested in how Fleming in each of his books innovates in some way, he never does the same thing twice.

“So I’ve tried to be structurally and tonally a bit different. Tonally, I think it’s darker. and structurally, I’ve tried something kind of new and hopefully exciting for the reader.”

James Bond Double or Nothing author isn’t eyeing movie adaptations
Double or Nothing author on writing a Bond novel without James Bond
She also revealed that she planned the novels as a trilogy from the very beginning and had already mapped out where things will end up after the final instalment.

“The first thing I wrote was actually the last scene of book three, so I kind of have a roadmap and I know where I’m heading,” she said.

“But I think the more you write a book, the more it tells you what it wants to be. So I had the outline from the beginning, but then the ideas have evolved as I’ve been writing the series and my hope for it is that the stories flow together as a trilogy.”

I wonder which fan favorite characters will comeback. Place your bets.

For you paperback book buyers there’s a sneak peek at A Spy Like Me.


In her most recent video, she says that she is writing Book 3 in the Double-0 trilogy. I wonder if she will want to continue writing Bond in the future. Maybe next spring with A Spy Like Me, she and IFP will announce her future with Bond. I’d like a villain spin-off with her writing.

Probably depends on how well the books do.

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I wrote to Kim Sherwood yesterday for her birthday, and she responded! Best thing about my James Bond day! We are blessed to have her writing, she’s truly a Bond fan and a lovely person.


U.S. cover


Looks a-maze-ing. I’m warming up to it.

Pre-order for the US is up on Amazon:

I’m glad it’s a simultaneous release with UK and US unlike the first book. Also, I caught that on the US Amazon page it says “Book 2 of 2.” Hoping this just something that a random Amazon worker put in, and not news that the series is being cut down from three books to two.


Note that the title says “A Double O Novel”, not “A James Bond Novel”, and it also has no 007 logo…

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Double or Nothing was the same. I think Sherwood is keeping these 3 Bond-less. Maybe an appearance in the last book?


Yes, but DoN just had “Double O” in the top right corner, this one’s much more prominent. And right on the 007 logo. Should have checked before… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
That said, I hope this is the final cover, as I like it a lot. :sunglasses:


The U.K. release was like you described but the U.S. edition always had the full “A Double O Novel” :+1:

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I wonder if and when we’ll get character bits like this again.


This is off topic, but could someone post in the Casting The Continuation Novels thread? I’ve done the past three entries and it won’t let me do anymore, but I still have a few more novels to go. Thanks.

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UK cover


An updated synopsis of A Spy Like Me, from Kim herself.

MI6 have received a vital clue telling them James Bond – missing for over a year – is alive. Meanwhile, a bomb has detonated in BBC Broadcasting House, London. 003, 004 and 000 must smash a smuggling network funding terror. As they move through the world of diamond dealing and art and antiquities looting, from Venice to Crete, Australia to Dubai, they find themselves unexpectedly inching ever closer to Bond, James Bond…

Six days. Three agents. One chance to find James Bond.