Double Or Nothing by Kim Sherwood out 1st September 2022

Anyone interested in attending, please first become a member of the 007GB Club.

The event detail has now been disclosed.


Considering the premise of this series, It would be amazing if we get serious movement on Bond 7 and Bond 26 by the time a third book gets released.


From Kim’s Substack:

Girl Racer :racing_car:
Gearing up for the launch of A SPY LIKE ME in ONE MONTH
MAR 26

Dear Reader,
If you’re new to girl with the golden pen, welcome! I’m so happy to have you here.

Readers who have been on this adventure with me for a while will know that I can’t drive, something that produced a good deal of laughter as I was announced as the new writer of James Bond. This has become so well known that journalists actually open interviews with me by saying: ‘It’s a famous fact about you that you can’t drive.’ I tell them I don’t think it’s a famous fact… And now it’s not even a true one.

I don’t have a licence to kill. I don’t even have a licence to drive. But as we gear up for the launch of A SPY LIKE ME in exactly ONE MONTH, Thruxton Racing let me get behind the wheel of 003’s car…

It’s also just two weeks until the third novel in the Double O series is due to be delivered to the publishers. I’ve reached the stage where I’m dreaming about scenes and lucidly wondering if I ought to edit them differently. Isn’t writing fun?

There will be plenty of events around the country too, with a couple just announced at Bath Festival, one with our very own Charlie Higson. Take a look at my website for more details.

I like that the Bond authors are willing to support each other (minus some criticism directed at John Gardner, from Kingsley Amis and somewhat Raymond Benson). I hope we get more modern day Bond-centered adventures soon!


Can anybody explain the difference between these two hardcover versions:

After a bit of looking around on the interweb, I’d say the first one is the UK edition, the second one is U.S.


There are reviews out there. Take it with a grain of salt. Spoilers! She also has turned in the 3rd book.


We can officially call Kim Sherwood a Bond author as Bond himself appears in the book.

This has been confirmed by many reviews on Goodreads.

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Some information from Kim Sherwood on her Substack:
The Last Word
I just finished writing Book 3 in the Double O series

Dear Reader,
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s a relief because I spent all my words writing the third novel in the Double O series, meaning this photo probably sums up my feelings better than I can right now! I got down the final words alone late at night in Gladstone’s Library, and captured the moment on my phone.

I was first approached with a three book deal to write the Double O series by the Ian Fleming Estate in October 2019, and since then I’ve written in excess of 300,000 words in a little over four years. It feels like sprinting a marathon and my week at Gladstone’s Library was exhausting, emotional and exhilarating as it all came to an end. I don’t know what the future holds, but I have huge pride and love for these characters, and I’m so grateful for this dream come true.

It’s special and surreal to finish the third novel just before the second novel comes out. There are so many exciting events coming up and I hope to see you there.

From Kim, With Love x

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I might actually give the series a try. I’m somewhat intrigued.
Will probably wait until the 3rd has been published, and get them collected


No “professional” critic reviews yet.