Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


Playboy launches online the JAMES BOND ORIGIN adventure: https://www.playboy.com/read/james-bond … n-to-catch

Six pages that are independent of the rest of the arc, so you can freely read and enjoy them!


What a great news! Thanks @ggl007. I was planning on buying this issue of Playboy, but it seems it’s not that easy outside the USA.


Just had a read. It’s very enjoyable. Curious if it will ever be published with the rest of James Bond Origins, I’m assuming not given its self contained nature.


Also, who’s ready for Oddjob #2 tomorrow?


I thought Oddjob #2 was fantastic. It’s interesting to see that


the Harold Sakata Oddjob did exist in this world, but didn’t fight Bond. Kinda throws a wrench into the early supposition that all of the Fleming books happened in some vague past. Or at least the events of Goldfinger happened differently and without Oddjob. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an explanation later

Putting that sort of nitpicking aside, I’m really enjoying the interplay between Bond and John Lee. It’s almost the sort of friendly rivalry we had between Bond and Zukovsky or other frenemies of Bond in the films. The action was well done, though I’m hoping we see more of the hat in upcoming issues. Of course, the hat didn’t really make sense for the weather that Bond and Oddjob were in during this issue, so I can see why it was omitted.


Also, over at James Bond Radio they have a podcast interview with Jeff Parker, the writer of Origin.

Interesting tidbit is that he seems pretty unfamiliar with the Young Bond novels, and won’t be referencing them much, if at all, to keep Origin pretty standalone. One thing they only touched on briefly was his writing the Batman '66 series, which has crossed over with other '60s spy properties, such as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and the Avengers (here called Steed & Peel). I have been wanting them to cross over Batman '66 with Bond for a while now, and Jeff Parker may be the needed link, once he’s wrapped up on Origin.


I do get his reasoning, best stick with Fleming then branch off/or stick as you choose, rather than basing it on how other authors interpreted Fleming. The sound bite ALL the continuation authors use does suggest that’s what IFP want them to do, whether or not they do is debatable (hello, a comics Moneypenny that owes Naomie Harris a pay check…)


While I get that on one hand, I also did appreciate the Young Bond references in Devil May Care and the Moneypenny Diaries. Just little offhand nods that people who read the books would understand, but weren’t essential to understanding the plot.


I still havn’t got mine (Christmas really messed up normal deliveries) but I’m slightly intrigued by this notion of they met, but never fought - Does this mean Comic Bond is now it’s own, separate, beast?


I’m nervous as the only hardcover Dynamite comic collection is James Bond Origins for May. I don’t think we’ll get another, sadly. Please give us LALD and Oddjob at least soon please Dynamite! Dennis Carleo said that another team is working on it. They have to have something soon! Plus, all other comic companies are setting up their July dates for graphic novels. Also, I thought Oddjob was a yearlong story. I think Dynamite is scared of announcing LALD for two reasons: first it’s racist overtones. Second, they don’t want to keep delaying it like CR. I still trust them, from a creative standpoint.


Casino Royale nominated to the Diamond Gem Awards : https://www.archivo007.com/index.php/noticias/007-literario/2810-los-comics-bond-nominados


I’m happy.




Maybe we’ll get Moonraker in time for Bond 25. In true James Bond tradition, LALD can end with “THE END OF LIVE AND LET DIE, JAMES BOND WILL RETURN IN MOONRAKER.”


Good news about LALD. I like CR, but it’ll be good to move past it. I’ve more than had my fill of that story now.


Possible lettering from LALD? Keep your eyes on Van Jensen’s Twitter account for the next week, as I think he plans to announce something…


UPDATE: It’s not for LALD.


Much like the core series, it appears Origins flips to a new story after 6 issues.

Edit: On Origins, I finally got round to reading issue 5, highly enjoyable but was very much part 5 of 6, more than any other series of James Bond comics, Origins is best read as a graphic novel, a single story that happens to have been cut into six chapters.


I see it a little differently, as other than the submarine stories in the last few issues, the stories in Origins have been mostly standalone, and less of a cohesive arc than the main series. I think they’re just trying to market this as a new jumping on point for readers, since there’s a new art team.


Nice to see some love for Timothy Dalton, and big fans of the character doing the work, and being fans of all the media that comes with him.