Drawn to 007 - Dynamite’s new hardcovers and beyond


Yeah, I agree. Kind of like the structure of Atomic Blonde, where she’s recounting a mission inside a debriefing room.


Exactly! Subconsciously, that might have been what I was imagining all along.


A perfect kind of storyline for Nolan


Aaaaand now March 13…


This week had a double whammy of Bond comics, with both the M one-shot and issue #2 of The Body. I was thoroughly entertained by both, although The Body #2 had the slight edge.

I found it interesting that (much like the Moneypenny one-shot), M seems to draw his history from the Gareth Mallory version rather than Sir Miles Messervy. The comic M is stated to have been in the British Army, rather than Navy, and has a history in Northern Ireland. I thought the comic was definitely well written and gave us a taste of M’s past without taking away any of his mystique.

The Body #2 was interesting as I had thought that all of the stories would cover a different injury that Bond undertakes, in the course of a mission, as a confessional-type narrative with the doctor at MI6. However, this one was completely different and involves Bond’s interrogation of a captive. There’s no action in it (not cutting back and forth like issue #1), and is pure dialogue between the two characters. it’s so well done that I actually didn’t miss the action, and it is an interesting introspective look at Bond’s role. It’s pretty standalone, so I would recommend it, even if you haven’t read issue #1.


Just got them, havn’t read The Body yet, but M hit me HARD. It’s superbly written and, being Northern Irish myself, found it encapsulated exactly the feeling of Belfast, both pre and post the peace process in a way that made it a difficult read for me at times, but that’s purely from how unflinching it is in its representation.


Just finished The Body #2 - really good change of pace from typical Bond comics, and im enjoying this harsher tone in regards to history and politics (even if it did make M a hard read for me) and it gave some good insights into Bond as a character. I look forward to #3


I didn’t have a problem with the format, but I found The Body #2 uneventful and dull. I did like the M one shot, though, much more than the Moneypenny issue. I’m just really eager to read the Casino Royale adaption now.


They haven’t moved the date in a while so perhaps it will actually come out on March 13…


I think it’s coming out on that date. The new Bond comics (M one shot and The Body #2) had adverts at the back saying Casino Royale was out now. There’s also this look inside the comic on Amazon.

Looks fantastic to me.


Why the hell I see 28th march here for the kindle version ?



First up being Casino Royale. Anybody else planning to grab this next month?

I’ve really enjoyed all the Bond/Dynamite collections over the last year, so I was sold on it. It seems they plan to give the same treatment to a couple of Fleming’s first Bond entries following, as well!


I haven’t been following the recent wave of comics, but I’m planning on getting this. Looks splendid.


Looking forward to this comic the previous 007 outings with Dynamite were so-so in my humble opinion.


Did the release date for this get pushed back yet again? Amazon now shows a date of November 21…


I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. Oh well…it’s still not that far away I guess.


That’s what I keep telling myself lol. And then I looked at the page and it shows that I initially ordered this in August of last year… Hopefully it’s worth the wait.


Oh no! I knew it did got pushed back to early November, last I knew…

Now late?! :disappointed:


It looks like it got pushed back another week to November 28. Though the digital version still will be released on November 8…


My copy got a release of 13th December??