Expanded David Arnold soundtracks


Music by David Arnold
Limited Edition of 5000 Units

La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Records, EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer proudly present the remastered and expanded CD re-issue release of the original motion picture score to the 2002 feature film DIE ANOTHER DAY, starring Pierce Brosnan as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007, Halle Berry and Toby Stephens, and directed by Lee Tamahori. Acclaimed composer David Arnold (QUANTUM OF SOLACE, CASINO ROYALE, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, TOMORROW NEVER DIES) unleashes a powerhouse of a score – his third in the legendary James Bond canon. It’s a thrilling musical journey – keeping one foot in the time-honored romance and swagger of classic Bond, and one in the age of cutting-edge electronics. Remastered and expanded, with over an hour of never-before-released music, this 2-CD deluxe presentation showcases Arnold’s score in a revelatory fashion that’s sure to leave listeners shaken and stirred in the best possible way! Produced by David Arnold and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, from new transfers of analog stereo tapes provided by the composer, this special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, including new comments from the composer. Dan Goldwasser’s sleek art design wraps up this must-have release in classic fashion.

This limited edition 2-CD set retails at $29.98 and is exclusively available at www.lalalandrecords.com and other online soundtrack boutiques.


Disc 1 (Score Presentation)

  1. On the Beach (extended version)**† 3:56
  2. Bond Meets Moon* / Hovercrafts* 2:16
  3. How Do You Intend to Kill Me Now, Mr. Bond?* 2:02
  4. Hovercraft Chase† 3:48
  5. Bond to Jail* :49
  6. Some Kind of Hero? 4:32
  7. Kiss of Life*† 4:46
  8. Peaceful Fountains of Desire* 1:05
  9. What’s In it For You?* / Cuba* 1:21
  10. Cuban Car*† :50
  11. Jinx Jordan 1:28
  12. Jinx & James 2:03
  13. Wheelchair Access*† 2:22
  14. Jinx, James and Genes* 5:14
  15. Gustav Graves’ Grand Entrance*† 1:34
  16. Blades*† 3:12
  17. Bond Gets the Key* / Virtual Reality*† 2:01
  18. The Vanish* / Bond Goes to Iceland*† 2:10
  19. The Explanation* 1:36
  20. Icarus 1:23
  21. Ice Spy*† 3:00
  22. A Touch of Frost 1:50
  23. Laser Fight 4:36
  24. It Belongs to His Boss* / Double Agent* 2:34
  25. Whiteout† 4:55
  26. Bond Kidnaps Skidoo*† 2:29
  27. Iced Inc.† 3:08
  28. Ice Palace Car Chase*† 4:57

Total disc 1 time = 76:47

Disc 2 (Score Presentation Continued)

  1. Switchblades*† 3:23
  2. Antonov 11:51
  3. Antonov Gets It*† 3:20
  4. Moneypenny Gets It* 1:11
  5. Going Down Together 1:32

Total score time = 98:04

Additional Music

  1. On the Beach† 2:50
  2. Hovercraft Chase (film version)**† 3:47
  3. Some Kind of Hero? (film version)** 4:32
  4. Peaceful Fountains of Desire (alternate ending)* 1:06
  5. What’s In it For You? (orchestra only)* :41
  6. Welcome to Cuba 2:07
  7. Jinx Jordan (orchestra only)** 1:28
  8. Jinx & James (film version)** 2:07
  9. Wheelchair Access (original version)*† 2:22
  10. Party Trick (source)* 1:37
  11. A Touch of Frost (film version)** 1:50
  12. Laser Fight (film version)** 4:38
  13. Whiteout (full mix)**† 4:55
  14. Antonov (film version)** 11:51
  15. James Bond Will Return*† 3:54

Total additional music = 49:45
Total disc 2 time = 71:43
Total album running time = 148:30

*Previously unreleased
**Contains previously unreleased material
†Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman


I’m particularly looking forward to Kiss of Life!

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…that moment I realize I no longer have any means of playing a CD :wink:

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They tend to make these things available digitally too, I actually have many a soundtrack from them digitally (see that Bear McCreary section)

I’ve had these tracks for a long time, but it’s still good to see them being released in this format. Hopefully it’s the first of many such releases. My Holy Grail would be the discovery of the complete Moonraker score, but that’s unlikely to happen.

La-La-Land always delivers fantastic score releases - and the complete DAD score is so much better than what has been released before. I can only recommend it. People will reevaluate Arnold´s work here.

Wow this is interesting! La La Land always delivers excellent exclusive editions. I might get this one for my collection

Do it, please!

La-la-land has indicated that EON will look closely at the sales and will allow for more expansions if the audience is there!

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Great news. I have their Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever expanded scores. They’re not just good pieces of music, but centrepieces of collections.

I’ll do my best.

Count me in for getting one. Can’t wait to hear it.

It’s now available to order! http://www.lalalandrecords.com/Site/DieAnotherDay.html

Yes, and so I did.

Anybody who enjoys soundtracks should take a look or listen. La-La-Land Records has a spectacular catalogue and specializes in releasing expanded editions of soundtracks in pristine quality.

No, I´m not working for them. I´m just a fan.

Unrelated to this release, but Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die diary is being reprinted next year. I’ve never read it and will definitely be ordering a copy.

Oh, yes, good find - it is tremendously entertaining!

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Another vote here in favor of Roger’s “diary.” I wish he’d done one for every Bond he made. Even into his 80s, he had a great memory for people and events, but there’s no substitute for chronicling things as they actually happen. It makes you wonder how many other little fascinating tidbits were lost in the making of all those films that pre-dated the “here’s where we’re filming today” culture of Twitter and Facebook. I thought Roger was really honest about everything throughout, including some bumps in the road that I imagine any production faces. Even though it’s obviously a product of marketing for the film (albeit a very unusual and maybe even unique one), it still, for me, never feels like it’s been sanitized and glossed up in the “everything is awesome, 24/7” language of the EON brand guardians.

Still on the fence about the DAD soundtrack, but as long as there’s projects like these revisiting “Classic Bond,” I’ll keep shelling out the bucks, even if I’m largely indifferent to the film-du-jour.

Is this release any different to the bootleg available 10 years ago?

Yes. It’s legal.

Also has several alternate ques.

And the sound quality is miles ahead. It also features a well-written and researched booklet on the score.

Yes, this is the first official expanded release of the score. We went back to David Arnold’s original tapes for this and did all new transfers in high-resolution digital. I did the editing and track assembly and the album was mastered by Doug Schwartz (who previously mastered many of the 2003 Bond re-issues), all done with input from Mr. Arnold at every step of the way.



Alright, convinced. :slight_smile:

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