Expanded David Arnold soundtracks

Got it and glad I did. It’s nice to finally hear the missing music. There was a lot that was left off the original soundtrack. This really fleshes it out.

(This is posted in the favorite Bond soundtrack thread too.)

I also just got this official expanded edition. I happen to have the bootleg as well, but want to support official releases. The sound is much more expansive. Included are both film versions and extended versions of many tracks. The bootleg had some of Nic Raine’s City of Prague Philharmonics tracks recorded on Silva records (GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies), as well as the logos music and Madonna’s title song.

This expanded edition is a much more rewarding listening experience. The score presentation is presented in chronological order, and then the bonus tracks. Yes, Arnold delves too much into the electronic, but you can hear hints of what was to come with his Casino Royale score. I hope they give this treatment to Arnold’s other scores like The World Is Not Enough (TND already has a score edition.)

FYI, the 3 disc version of Arnold’s Godzilla score is also worth checking out. I was listening to his Independence Day and Stargate scores before he was tapped for James Bond. If LaLaLand can one day give us a Moonraker or Man with the Golden Gun expanded release, that would be fantastic.

The expanded TWINE score is now available to order!



La-La Land Records, Universal Music Special Markets, EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer proudly present the remastered and expanded 2-CD re-issue release of the original motion picture score to the 1999 feature film THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007, Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle, and directed by Michael Apted. Renowned composer David Arnold (QUANTUM OF SOLACE, CASINO ROYALE, DIE ANOTHER DAY, TOMORROW NEVER DIES) fashions a tremendous musical work – his second in the James Bond canon. It’s an epic score that keeps breathless pace with James Bond himself, musically matching all of the film’s globe-spanning adventure, drama, romance and suspense with sophistication and excitement. As he began with TOMORROW NEVER DIES, Arnold continues to push the contemporary edge of the score, whilst honoring the series’ classic musical legacy.

Remastered and expanded, with previously unreleased music, this 2-CD deluxe presentation showcases Arnold’s score in stellar fashion. Among this re-issue’s unreleased treasures are two early song demos performed by the composer. The official title song, performed by Garbage, is also contained in this program. Produced by David Arnold and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, from original stereo digital tapes provided by MGM, this special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, which include new comments from the composer and famed Bond lyricist Don Black as well as director Apted. Dan Goldwasser’s sharp art design, based on the original US poster for the film, ties up this must-have release in precise and classy fashion.

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH limited edition 2-CD set retails at $29.98 and is exclusively available at www.lalalandrecords.com, 007store.com, and other online soundtrack boutiques.


Disc 1
Score Presentation

  1. Gun Barrel*† / Bond Has Left The Building*† 3:13
  2. Show Me The Money† 1:27
  3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up† 5:20
  4. Balloon* 1:03
  5. The World Is Not Enough 3:54
    -Performed By Garbage
  6. Dr. Warmflash* :30
  7. Access Denied 1:34
  8. M’s Confession 1:35
  9. Welcome To Baku 1:42
  10. Snow Business* 1:15
  11. Ice Bandits 3:42
  12. Out Of The Snow* / Stay With Me Please* 1:27
  13. Casino Jazz* 2:12
  14. Casino 2:56
  15. Card Game* 1:27
  16. Devil’s Breath* 2:08
  17. Elektra’s Theme 2:06
  18. Body Double 3:00
  19. Welcome To Kazakhstan*† 1:32
  20. Going Down - The Bunker (Extended Version)**† 8:50
  21. Bond’s Bedroom Bombshell* :38
  22. Pipeline† 4:16
  23. Elektra Turns* / Renard’s Plutonium Gift* 1:38
  24. Remember Pleasure (Extended Version)** 3:14
  25. Caviar Factory (Extended Version)**† 6:03
  26. Submarine Surfaces* / Renard Greets Nik* / M Clocks Locator* 1:52
  27. Bomb* 2:30
  28. Torture Queen 2:24

Total Disc 1 Time 73:58

Disc 2
Score Presentation Continued

  1. I Never Miss 3:32
  2. Submarine #1 4:11
  3. Submarine #2** 6:26
  4. Sub Gets It* :46
  5. Christmas In Turkey 1:28
  6. Orbis Non Sufficit*† 4:01
  7. Only Myself To Blame 3:36
    Performed by Scott Walker

Total Score Time 97:58

Additional Music

  1. Gun Barrel (Separate Elements)*† 1:14
  2. Welcome To Baku (Film Version)** 1:42
  3. Snow Business (Alternate)* 1:27
  4. Elektra’s Theme (Alternate)* 2:05
  5. Going Down - The Bunker 6:26
  6. Pipeline (Full Mix)**† 4:15
  7. Remember Pleasure 2:45
  8. Caviar Factory† 6:01
  9. Submarine 10:19
  10. The World Is Not Enough (Demo)* 3:59
    Performed by David Arnold
  11. Only Myself To Blame (Demo)* 2:56
    Performed by David Arnold

Total Additional Music 43:09
Total Disc 2 Time 67:40

*Previously unreleased
**Contains previously unreleased material
† Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman


Do we stick the music I’m listening to thread this or vice versa?

LALALAND Records had a panel on Wondercom past weekend, and while there was no official announcement for more expanded Bond scores unofficially there was a hint that there may be one more expansion per year possible. EON just is very difficult to persuade to allow this.

Why would EON be difficult to persuade?

“Hey, Eon, want to make some more money and release something that lots of people want? And to be able to officially release Bond material that you’ve had locked away for decades?”

For the same reason that the Barry estate blocked those decisions in many cases: the idea that one gives away something valuable which could be turned into more money by someone else who could appear in the future.

And movie scores are just catering to a small specialty market. LLL is a fantastic label, of course, which goes to a lot of trouble in order to release expanded and remastered scores. But their reach is limited. EON might rather consider releasing the already known mixes at some point without additional work through a huge label with a fat PR account.

Is there any news for a new expanded Bond score from Lalaland, like they did at the end of the last two years?

If one believes rumors on soundtrack sites EON has put those on ice until the release of NTTD.

Either they want to re-release all the scores around that time (probably in the previous versions) or they just don’t have the time to look into all the rights´ issues these days.

Feel free to correct me, Arnold’s scores for Craig’s first 2 had mostly complete releases.

Casino Royale is, by and large, already a complete soundtrack. The only piece I can think is the film version of African Rundown is slightly different. I think QOS was only missing the small part that plays after Bond meets with Felix.

You’re correct.

An expanded CR was released digitally with 13 extra tracks. One of them is some more music for African Rundown, which might be what you’re looking for…

I do have it. The difference I was referring to is a tiny cue from Bond jumping from the scaffolding to the crane. As fas I know, those 2 seconds are the only bit missing from CR.

Oh yes, I definitely remember that. It felt like something that might have been tacked on in editing and not necessarily part of recording the score. Just a guess, though…

The “holy grail” for Bond score collectors still is Barry´s “Moonraker”. The tapes are sometimes reported as missing, sometimes not - in any event, it would be the most sought after expanded Bond score still to be released.

Also, Kamen´s “Licence to kill”, Hamlisch´s “The Spy who loved me” and Barry´s hugely underrated “The Man with the Golden Gun”. “Octopussy” and “A View To A Kill” would also benefit from additional material.

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But has/ had Lalaland only an agreement for releasing and expanding Arnold scores, not every Bondscore?

Only for one scote at a time, if EON approves.

Which they’ve only given so far because David Arnold was the one asking. Given Serra and Newman are the only other two living Bond composers, and out of those, only Skyfall didn’t have a complete official release, I don’t see them doing it again, given how small the market must be for these CDs

That’s a pitty, I hoped for more Barry stuff. Golden Gun and also Hamlisch’s Spy are there in the vaults.

Bill Conti (1942 - ) lives!