Expanded David Arnold soundtracks

Has the slower bit in the TWINE boat chase where Bond goes on land ever been released? It’s not on the expanded soundtrack as far as I can tell.

Is it as on the CDs but with some elements taken off?

So, expanded TND, finally on La-la-land records:


The only one I don’t realy need after two official releases, a bootleg double cd and don’t forget the isolated score on the dvd.

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You don’t want an official release, carefully remastered and expanded by one of the best specialty labels which nevertheless need to be supported in order to release more Bond expansions?

Bootlegs are nothing.

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I would be a prime customer for these expanded releases but sadly, as a sign of the times, I haven’t had anything that could play a disc in at least 10 years…

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I totally agree I would never touch a bootleg CD they are awful, but La La Land Records do fantastic expanded scores & in film score order with fantastic sound quality & with loads of additional music and various cues

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But… there are so much other scores I would like to have than this one I already have on two official cd’s and as an isolated score on the dvd. On the other hand… MR, Spy, Golden Gun, Octopussy, LtK, etc… I don’t have expanded.

By the way the bootleg 2cd on silver discs sounded excellent too and was nice to have some 15 years ago. I’m not talking here about bootlegs on cd-r with annoying soundeffects on the score.

I bought all soundtracks in the first half of the eighties first on official vinyl, some more than once because there was more than one version (like the black English covers of Spy, MR and FYEO), later in the second half of the eighties all movies on cd and in 2003 again on cd, when they were remastered and some had bonus tracks.
But when there were released some bootlegs on silver discs in excellent quality from TND to QoS I bought them too, because I wanted complete scores as much as possible.

Ofcourse I will buy this next official release too, but it 's not the soundtrack I was waiting and hoping for. There are others I realy would like to have in expanded/complete versions.


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TND is a fantastic score, and features some of the most satisfying uses of the Bond Theme in the franchise discography. CR and QoS are both really good, but I still prefer Arnold’s first.


There’s music on this release that has never been available before on any release legit or otherwise, including an alternate opening for “Surrender.” The only way to get this out is on CD as La-La Land Records does not have digital rights and the studio and original label have separate rights as well.