Future Locations


This looks quite impressive. It would also add to the dynamics of a chase to have nature as a factor or adversary even. Plus, this would also satisfy in the exotic department.


As far as D.C., further west is a legendary resort called the Greenbrier. Look it up. I’ve stayed there. The point of interest is the massive underground bunker built under the west wing that wasn’t declassified until 1995. It was built during the Cuban missile crisis and designed as a mini NORAD. You can now tour it. I’ve been and it’s very cool. The resort in up to Bond’s standards as well.


Greenbrier would indeed be interesting. The bunker still has a Cold War feeling to it, which would make for interesting use as a plot point.

Not sure how I feel about the Washington Post breaking the news of its existence, though. All that accomplished was costing taxpayers billions to (presumably) build another one…


Very true Arbogast. The other part was that even Clinton didn’t know about it.


Well, the background about revealing that installation may simply have been that its existence may have become known to other parties, rendering the whole thing obsolete anyway. Only very few military secrets stay actually secret for a prolonged time. An operation like a mini-NORAD no doubt must have involved a considerable number of people cleared for the project. I believe there is even a formula to calculate by which time the opposition uncovers sensitive information based on the number of people handling it…


Thanks for mentioning Milwaukee (where Doctor No studied medicine)!


Australia/New Zealand
Canada (Vancouver, Toronto)
Spain (how has Bond never been to Barcelona, or a scene set in Sevilla during April’s feria, could be reminiscent of Spectre’s day of the dead sequence)
South Africa
Japan (definitely need a return, it’s been 51 years now)
I would say Brazil, but Brazil has been too overexposed in recent years
India (Skyfall nearly went there, but save Octopussy it’s never been featured)
Russia, but we need different locations that we haven’t seen before (perhaps something in Western Russia closer to China)
South Korea
United States: New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, Hawaii
The US has been neglected, really since Licence to Kill. Brosnan never went and the CR pit stop in Prague, sorry Miami, does not count. I’ll admit New York is used so much in TV and film, but it would be interesting to see Bond do it. LALD showed a different part of NY, not just Manhattan, well midtown and downtown Manhattan anyway. New Orleans is ripe for a return. There is so much in this city (my city), and not just the French Quarter. The 24 mile long causeway could be perfect for a car chase (which was done excellently in Everything or Nothing). There’s also City Park, which is 67% bigger than Central Park. The Bayou would be an excellent place for Spectreville and who wouldn’t want to see the Garden of Death surrounded by Cypress trees, Spanish moss and alligators. Hawaii could be a great location for Spectreville and the garden of death as well. The big island especially has jungle, active volcanoes, mountain top snow. Los Angeles hasn’t featured in a Bond movie and only got a very brief mention in DAF. The second biggest American city would be perfect. Watching Bond cruise down sunset Blvd or through Santa Monica would be fun. As could a fight in the La Brea tar pits. Seattle would be different as well and would be paired very well with Vancouver.


If Bond goes to Canada then I think Quebec City would be a much more interesting location. QC
It’s a beautiful city and is seen on film at lot less than Toronto or Vancouver (eve if they’re usually doubling for other cities).


Am sure this will cause ire in a number of people but it will probably be easier for me to say where I feel Bond shouldn’t go. And included in that list are;

New Zealand
Sth Africa

Not sure why I feel so strongly about that, perhaps because I am from the UK and don’t want to be ‘taken’ somewhere so closely identified with the UK.

I also feel Bond works best in Europe. It has, I feel, the largest concentration of varied histories, cultures and languages. There is still much to filmicly explore there.


That’s a pretty darn cool location!


I’d love to get back to the classic era where Bond spends more time in each location;
I think the Roger era used locations the best, especially MWTGG, TSWLM & Moonraker.
I thought Rome was horribly wasted in Spectre.
If Europe is used again, I’d like to see Munich get a look in, one of my favorite cities, or Barcelona; both have unique cultural attributes and are very photogenic. Munich could lead to something involving Bavaria and maybe one of the castles.
The US has been underrepresented and a return to Las Vegas seems to have some logic, and it seems crazy we’ve never seen him in DC.
I’d also love to see him back in the Middle East; having lived there and traveled extensively, there are so many fascinating places in that part of the world.


I like the sound of this.


What’s real interesting about Bond travels in America is how unglamorous and pedestrian most of the locations are he visits. When in New York he goes to Harlem, when in San Francisco he’s at the wharf and city hall, when in Los Angeles he’s only at LAX, when in Baja he’s on an oil rig, and the Las Vegas of the 70s is super seedy and tacky. Other then that Bond is in rural places like Kentucky or Louisiana swamplands.

Miami seems to be the most glamorous place Bond has been in the USA but Connery and Craig never actually filmed there.

While the USA will never be able to compete with the cities and castles of Europe I think they can find some more suitable locations over here.

Washington, D.C.
Rocky Mountains
Napa Valley
Sedona, Arizona

I think the most interesting locations could be found in the New England region, especially during Autumn. Imagine Bond’s Aston Martin driving down a road stirring up multicolored leaves.

Newport, Rhode Island

A lot of great locations along the Atlantic seaboard for some nautical themed action.




Being from Germany and knowing Munich I find that notion unappealing, I must say. It´s over featured in local TV productions and does not offer the spectacle or atmosphere I want from Bond.

Even Hamburg in TND produced just a chuckle for me (only the Atlantic Hotel actually was recognizable anyway). Apart from Berlin Germany just does not offer the right mix of intrigue and postcard prettiness.

But maybe this is all about the travelogue intrigue of Bond films: show me something I haven’t seen or will never see.


Bond 25 :wink:


However, I do hope we will all be able to see that movie and many more.


Lately, it seems like we have that sentiment after every single film.


Was just searching around on Google maps and came across New Caledonia which I had never heard of before.

Here’s a video showing off the entire island. Well worth the watch. Keep you eyes peel at 3:01.

Very pretty with a lot of great potential locations for a tropical Bond adventure. Very few films or tv shows have shot there so it would be more unique than going back to the Bahamas again.