Goldeneye remaster coming to XBOX ONE!

Goldeneye is coming to XBOX ONE! Finally released officially after 15 years of waiting! This is going to be AWESOME!

This is just speculation. Nothing has been officially announced.

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I wouldn’t say no to this, but I’d much prefer high definition remasters of the EA Games run. Now that would be something to really get excited about. I feel as if the Goldeneye well has just about been drained, or at least the excitement isn’t what it used to be.

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I’d like to be able to play Goldeneye again, with a modern control scheme and without having to dig out my N64. But, yes I completely agree, AUF-NF-EON-FRWL is the true golden run of Bond games.


Throw Rogue Agent into the mix for good measure. I liked the creative weaponry and gunplay.

This, if it happens, is going to disappoint a large number of people who remember the game fondly. It has not aged well… at all.


Agreed. My N64 still works so I do sometimes still play this. It’s only the nostalgia and Bond connection that brings me back but the limitations are glaring (in saying that the multiplayer is still genuinely fun).

I don’t see it happening. A detail that these op-Ed’s keep brushing over is that Danjaq (Eon and now Amazon) are the ones who own it - and they’ve given the rights to make video games of Bond to IO Interactive. Does anyone see Amazon in particular being cool with someone profiting off something that they just paid through the nose for?

That not the only problem with the Goldeneye rights either. Because Nintendo still owns the publishing rights for that iteration of Goldeneye. It’s what killed the previous version. On top of that, it features actors’s likenesses who would also have to sign off on it. Goldeneye 64 exists in a legal quagmire that has prevented it from being released on any platform since its initial release in 1997. I don’t know what would make Nintendo come around now when they said no 13 years ago, unless it’s also coming to switch.

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Maybe someone can help me with this, but is this actually supposed to be a remaster or just a rerelease of the original game? I keep seeing things about a remaster but each time I delve into the article, it just sounds like a potential re-release of the original game for the XBOX.

With that said, though, I very seriously doubt this even sees the light of day, unless there’s been some deal reached behind closed doors that nobody has heard about yet.

It’s more of a remake. The visuals are definitely upgraded from what they were. But I also highly doubt it’ll ever release. Technically you can already play it through an emulator.

But isn’t that a fan-made creation? I would have thought that, if this were coming officially to the XBOX, that it would be either a re-release of the exact game that Nintendo and Rare put out back in 97 or it would be a remaster of that original source code (i.e. the Mass Effect Legendary Edition as opposed to, say, Resident Evil 2).

Not trying to be argumentative, just confused about what it is that they’re looking to do here. :slight_smile:

No, Rare was actually working on a “remaster” though it was more of a remake. The game apparently was nearly complete with only about 90 bugs left to fix. However, no one at Rare or Microsoft thought to get approval from Nintendo for it and then production was shut down by Nintendo. It sucks that Nintendo killed it, but also, Microsoft was pretty dumb for not getting approval for it.

Thanks. I hadn’t heard about that one. :slight_smile:

The only thing that I had ever heard of, aside from those two games that featured Craig as Bond instead of Brosnan, was some kind of fan remake of the game that I think was taken down pretty quickly from wherever it had popped up on. Can’t believe that Rare went ahead and did that without approval.

There were a number of fan remake that have been killed over the years by Nintendo and Rare. Goldeneye Source and Goldeneye 25 were both fan remakes shut down by corporate lawyers over the years. Then, last year (2021) a fan released a remake on PS4 inside of Far Cry 5 using FC5’s level creator that was also shut down by rights holders. It’s completely absurd, especially since Goldeneye 64 has not made actual money for any of the rights holders for nearly 25 years. That said, Goldeneye 25 is still in development with the direct Bond references removed and the Far Cry 5 version of Goldeneye is also back with the Bond references removed.

I think the GoldenEye Source was the one I’d heard of. That one sounds familiar.

Will be interesting to see what happens with this, if it gets off the ground at all.

More details from the youtuber behind last year’s leak! These comments from Graslu00 strengthen rumors of the game’s official release. Rumors say a switch version is happening and I take a look at the clues behind which version of the game we could be looking at. more in video:

I don’t own a Xbox, but I do own a Switch. If this does happen, hopefully the Switch option is available.

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I feel like the only way Nintendo would go for it is if there’s a switch version.

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