Goldeneye remaster coming to XBOX ONE!

There will definitely be a Switch version if its happening and Nintendo seem to have involvement with bringing Goldeneye back as their representatives in Europe successfully requested a review to have it removed from the German list of “media harmful to young persons” which effectively banned it in the country. It costs a decent amount of money for that review process so they wouldn’t have done it if there wasn’t movement at the station - makes sense as a game for Xbox Gamepass and Nintendo Switch Online as Nintendo’s service recently added N64 games, which interestingly will include Rare games like Banjo Kazooie… a lot adds up for it happening

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GoldenEye 007 remake has been put on hold | GGRecon I’m thinking that the rights to Goldeneye 007 are the new legal battle, like Spectre was. I wish we would get something official about the remake. Voice acting, new characters and levels would be great. Alas, we wait for the day, for now. Also, make Goldeneye 007 across all recent gaming platforms. James Bond doesn’t belong on just one gaming console. And he never did.

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I’d prefer the game as it was, simply in high definition. The option of reverting to the original 1997 graphics would be a nice bonus.

NOOOOOOO :frowning:

if they delayed it due to russia/ukraine that’s a big misfire. now’s the time that everyone would want to shoot some cgi russians

People seemed convinced this was going to be announced at the Xbox event today.

It wasn’t.

I would be delighted if this does happen, but with all the legal things involved between the owners of the original game, the gaming license being with another studio and the rights to the character being held by Danjaq and the worlds richest man, I’d be very surprised if it gets released.

I don’t know why anybody out there still thinks that this is happening. It’s not. Too many different parties were involved with the original for this to even be a remote possibility.

And if it somehow does get announced somewhere, you can almost certainly bet that Bezos will hit a button on his chair and Amazon’s lawyers will begin swarming on Nintendo and Microsoft’s respective offices.

Besides, I’m much more interested in Project 007. If I ever feel to need to play GE64 again I always have my old console.

Possibly false hope, but it is coincidental isn’t it?

A coincidence. Xbox’s show is dictated by Gamescom’s scheduling, not the other way around.


You mean 8 months later it isn’t imminent?!?!!

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I am fully confident that this game will never be released.

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There’s no question it won’t see the light of day. Too many companies with competing interests have a stake in it.

I think the companies also recognize that the game will ultimately be a disappointment if they re-release it. Short of a full on remake, there’s nothing that could be done to hide the fact that this game has not aged well at all.


Didn’t Rich used to be a member here?

@Dustin @secretagentfan am I remembering right?


Of course he was. He even was one of the first CBn members and used to post new releases here. He also did the music for the CBn podcast back in 2006/2007. :+1:


Goldeneye Reloaded was a full on remake, and whilst a bit of fun, was quite forgettable. They also did the spin off with Goldeney Rogue Agent, which again, was forgettable. The only interesting thing will be if it’s just a re-relase, which as you mentioned, will just show it hasn’t aged that well. I bought and enjoyed the Turok 2 remaster on PS4 which is essentially a straight re-release. However, once the nostalgia wore off I quickly tried of it.
There’s a heap of nostalgia associated with the game, but they’ve tried the remake and spin off to limited sucess and interest and a re-release seems tied up in so much red tape that I’m really unsure why they’d bother anymore.

Oh yes! Of course he did!

I do miss that podcast.


My younger self probably wouldn’t agree, but I ultimately find the modern remake option more interesting than a graphical update of the 1997 original. That game will always be there if we want to reminisce, and we’re never going to lose it. We gained something with Reloaded, and while its impact is obviously much less, I found it to be a good enough game in its own right.

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I don’t really need a remaster of the 1997 Goldeneye. However, by today’s standards, the game is borderline unplayable. The framerate is terrible and the game is just begging for a second analog stick. If I could play the game with a stable framerate and modern controls, it would be pretty much perfect. Reloaded is decent enough, but ultimately forgettable. Personally, I’d rather get a modern remaster of the PS2-era trilogy (quadrilogy if you count From Russia with Love). I would love to be able to play Nightfire on my PS5.