Goldeneye remaster coming to XBOX ONE!

We are talking near 30 years of advancement, it’s a detail that this lot who keep yelling re-release have blinded with nostalgia. The leaps between generations of consoles have been huge and we’re talking about a game that is the era of early ps1.

Edit for a detail: It’s Nightfire being my first ps2 game that makes me a terrifying force with a pistol in any FPS game. The amount of times it insisted you used just a pistol was trial by fire.


Looks like it’s finally happening!

For both Xbox GamePass and Nintendo Switch Online!


If this is true, will the Goldeneye Remaster be on PC? I don’t really want to dig out my Xbox, but I will if I have to.

Here is the official tweet from Xbox. So it is definitely happening. I had serious doubts that this would happened and some others completely dismissed this as possible. Goes to show the methodology on crystal balls is unreliable. Looking forward to this game!


Goldeneye on my Nintendo Switch? YES!

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If this is true, will the Goldeneye Remaster be on PC? I don’t really want to dig out my Xbox, but I will if I have to

I’m not quite sure about this part. It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. There is a PC Game Pass from Microsoft/Xbox, but not sure if it will get all of the same games. We’ll probably find out when it gets released.

I don’t have Switch Online - but that may soon change.

I can’t wait for the inevitable online backlash when people find out that, in 2022, this game is borderline unplayable.


It’s been clarified that the Xbox version is NOT the remastered version that Rare built and was not allowed to release. Rather it’s a remastered version of the N64 version. So the graphics will still be s*** (though, sharper and clearer s***). Though, the strangest thing is that the Nintendo version will be the only one getting online multiplayer. Strange, considering Nintendo’s online service is the worst of the bunch. But I guess we should just be happy we’re getting anything at all.


I’m betting the Nintendo-exclusive online multiplayer was one of the concessions Microsoft had to make to get it released at all.

I am super surprised that it isn’t the remastered version that leaked a year or two ago. Because that seemed pretty much done. Maybe since they wanted it on the Switch too they didn’t want a better version available on another platform. Still honestly surprised that the stars aligned at all on this one.

I think Microsoft was pretty much at the mercy of Nintendo to get this done. Apparently, the deal required very little alterations to the code, most just to get it running on the hardware meaning online multiplayer could not be added. The reason Switch will have it seems to be because the online multiplayer is built into the Switch emulator, so it’s more like it’s the original multiplayer that the Switch allows to play online, not the game itself. It’s weird.

This renders this entire exercise by whoever is behind releasing this (I don’t care enough to look it up) completely pointless. This game looked like crap when it was released (almost all N64 games did, if we’re being honest), and features a control scheme that is somehow even more archaic and useless than RE’s tank controls. The only reason to do this is to fix that. I really hope that whoever is responsible for putting this out realizes that they are going to tick off A LOT of people. Many people who grew up with this game have not played it in over a decade (for most if will have been longer than that) and they’re just looking back at it with rose tinted glasses. When they see what they’ve clamored for for the best part of a decade-plus finally arrive with all its warts intact, the online firestorm will begin.

And when that happens, honestly, it’s going to be hilarious. I really can’t wait for this. It might seriously be the most entertaining Bond-related event since Quantum of Solace.

Huh? The graphics were nothing to sneeze at in 1997, and the control options were very forward looking. It is one of the first games to offer dual anolog controls! Having said that, I’m very disappointed we’re not getting the remastered version that leaked earlier this year. The game design holds up, but the graphics and performance could really use a boost.

I have no doubt people are going to complain about the ‘old fashioned’ gameplay though. But that’s their loss because GoldenEye is still a compelling game. While shooters post 2000 became more and more scripted - trying to ape Call of Duty’s success- GoldenEye let’s you roam an environment more freely and approach objectives with more agency. The game even varies the objectives based on the difficulty level! There’s more to this than than just nostalgia. It was a groundbreaking game on it’s day and even all these years later, I have plenty of fun with the original.


A great video diving into the score, focusing on the Cradel level.
The soundtack to the game is incredible and really holds up. Each levels score is instantly recognisable, and as mentioned in the video, suits and enhances the setting and action.


Out on 27 January 2023 on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

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Same day release for Xbox Game Pass

i actually have played it for the Switch. it is not horrible, but the controls are not very good. also the graphics are very reminiscent of the N-64 which actually is not all that surprising, considering the Switch Online is basically an emulator for all the consoles of the past.

I had to resubscribe to Xbox Game Pass to play this game. With its modern controls, it’s actually very good. My biggest annoyance is that the game is locked to subscription services and can’t be bought as a stand alone product. Why that is the case, I don’t know.

Have you tried getting it through Rare Replay, you don’t need Game Pass for that.

Finally beat Goldeneye on 00 Agent, including Aztec and Egyptian. Only took me 25 years lol