James Bond Films "In Concert"

With the massive success of several classic movies getting the “In Concert” treatment, I wonder if there’s any chance of any of the Bond films going down this route;
Several major properties have gone down the route lately, If you haven’t seen one, basically it’;s a movie shown in a concert hall with an orchestra playing the score live.
The Harry Potter films have been a massive success, and right now both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park are doing the rounds (and selling very well)
This fall the Star Wars films will start coming round in this format as well, pre sales for those have already been huge.
Will the Bond films follow this route?
It’s a really nice additional revenue stream and seems like a natural progression.
Which Bond films do you think would work best in this format?
Have you seen any movies in this format and would you go to see the Bond movies?

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I saw Casino Royale in concert at the Royal Albert hall last year- it was incredible.

David Arnold even attended and spoke briefly about meeting John Barry. Then he played the James Bond theme over the end credits of CR on his guitar.

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I’d forgotten they did CR over there;
that was just a one off event as opposed to something licensed out for orchestra’s tho right?

CR last year was incredible. I’d love to attend another, preferably OHMSS or YOLT :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen Raiders and Jurassic Park at the Albert Hall; I’d love a Bond but it’d have to be a Barry: Royale didn’t interest me, sadly.

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I saw Raiders last year; thought it was fantastic;
Jusrassic Park is here this year but i’m away when it’s on
I have tickets for Star Wars & Empire this fall/next spring respectively

And I agree, I think a Barry would be the logical choice;
YOLT, OHMSS or Moonraker would be my preference but I think anything from GF to DAF would work well

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Yeah OHMSS or Moonraker would certainly be my preference too. But I imagine they’d just do Goldfinger.

Although I guess it depends if they have these films in versions with the music removed. Chances are they do as their archives are deep, but they are old films.

I remember the James Bond Radio guys saying they’d heard that Skyfall would be up next in the series. No idea is that’s true or not.

Casino Royale in Concert’ has thus far screened in England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Russia, and will screen later this year in Japan and Canada.

Thanks for this, didn’t know about these;
May have to look into that Toronto screening;
I’m due a trip up to Canada…

Hmmm, I’ve always wanted to see Toronto…

They do say “See Toronto and die, eh”…

They’ve just announced one for Virginia.

Sounds like Skyfall in Concert is on the way

Okay, if Arnold is being asked to work on live performances on scores that arn’t even his, i’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s scoring Bond 25.

I’m thinking that is a mistake on the RAH website.

Awww, got my hopes up there

A Saturday matinee show has been added for those still after tickets.

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