James Bond Funko Pops


After being announced at the Funko Friday event at San Diego Comic Con, we now have the official announcement of the James Bond Funko Pop figurines. Initial designs for Wave 1 included Jinx and Daniel Craig, but it looks like those will held off for a later wave, or just not included for this announcement. I know the opinion of these figures is mixed among Bond fans, but I do enjoy them and have been collecting other lines of Funko Pops for a while. Also, I think it’s good to have merchandise available to fans at a lower price point than some of the other Bond collectibles out there. Not all of us can afford the Goldfinger James Bond 12-Inch Collectible Figure at $275, whereas the average price of around $12 or so is doable.



I do like these, my home is filled with pop vinyl, so I’ll almost definitely get Connery and Moore.


I have resisted these until now, but I fear I’m going to give in, now. They had me with Roger’s mole! LOL


These look awesome! Already pre-ordered the set!


Do you have a link for that? Thanks.


I only have a couple of Funko Pops but I’ll be getting all of these. So excited to have actual Bond merchandise to buy.


Link to the Funko pre-orders: https://m.popinabox.co.uk/elysium.search?search=james+bond


Get that Dr. No Bond figure before Toys R Us shut their doors!


Man, oh man. I have avoided this craze for so long. As a hold out, I’ve steered clear of these things, as a collector of many other things as it is…

Looks like I can avoid no longer! Imagine the possibilities for Bond.


Still have absolutely no interest in these figures.


Yeah, before this I had no interest in the figures. I think they look great. My priority will be on getting the Connery and Moore figures first. Of the villains, Jaws looks the best to me. But Blofeld isn’t shabby either.


The “problem” with this line is that unless a character/celebrity has some really, really distinguishing characteristic, it can be hard to tell one from the next. Batman has the ears, so he’s okay, but some of the others, like the various “Doctors” would be anyone’s guess without the proper outfit.

The “old guy” Han Solo figure works for me because of the hair; somehow it “feels” like Harrison Ford even though it doesn’t look like him. Similarly, Roger is working for me, maybe because of the pose (at least when dressed in the black tux; it’s like the gatefold image in the LALD soundrack LP), but Connery? Not so much. The hair seems too light a brown, and Sean’s lower jaw isn’t that wide. Roger feels like Roger, but Sean feels like “generic Funko Bond.”

Sakata is better here than the preview graphic, which left me thinking, “Who wants a skinny Caucasian Oddjobb?” But the easiest sells are Blofeld and Jaws, who meet that requirement of having unmistakable characteristics: facial scar, metal teeth…easy. Largo will have an easy go of it, too, with the eyepatch, and maybe Dr No with the white outfit and black hands, but how do you make a Franz Sanchez or Red Grant that look anything more than generic?

On the plus side, this complete indifference to actual likenesses could make for a line that goes very deep, since there’s no worry about permissions from various actors or their estates; with no resemblance, it becomes a representation of an EON character, not a specific performer.

What I’m really hoping is that Funko follows up with a Bond line in their 4-inch articulated figure format. Also, note the reference to an “upcoming Pop! Ride.” Maybe I’ll like the Connery better when he’s sitting in an Aston Martin.



This is what I want most of all. Something along the lines of their Batman 66’ series.

Sean Connery’s Bond and Q packaged with an Aston Martin DB5 would be amazing.


When in December are they out or is it as of Dec. 1 store that sell Pop Funko will have them?


I still have NOT seen any of the James Bond Pop Funkos in stores here in the U.S… Stores like Hot Topic, Game Stop, Target and Box Lunch. Amazon is saying like Jan. 1, Jan. 3 or Feb. 1, as keep scrolling down and see more of the same ones with different photos. It like what is the real date or when is it really going to be in stores.


I’ve got the Roger and Sean ones preordered so I’ll keep you guys updated when I receive them. Sean is scheduled to arrive on Jan. 4 and Roger on Feb. 5.


I finally saw Blofeld, Odd Job and Jaws at Box Lunch today, none at one of the Gamestop in my city. Even through they got a lot of Pop Funko like Box Lunch. I picked up Blofeld for 10.90 before tax at Box Lunch.

I wonder when are the exclusive ones going to be in stores. Would a Toys “R” Us Express in a mall have it for sale or it has to be a regular Toys “R” Us.


I always stop myself from buying any Funko figurines in the past, but I am tempted. I want to only purchase the white tux Connery from Goldfinger because it is arguably his most iconic look as Bond. It seems it would be incomplete without purchasing the others though and for $40 U.S dollars for all of them it is not a sucker’s deal.


Well today I went to the only Box Lunch in my city to look for the Sean Connery one from Goldfinger. The store did not have it. When I first looked for I only looked where I saw the Blofeld, Odd Job and Jaws the other day. Then out of sudden I saw the Roger Moore one another section with other Pop Funkos. Afterward I had look a little more for the Sean Connery. Then I just walked way and looked a little on other stuff. A Worker then asked me finding everything ok. Then asked her about it and told her I didn’t find it. She told maybe we haven’t gotten it in yet. I had also told her about the different release dates flowing around. She also told me that they get shipment in everyday, and had not on today’s. So it could be the final delivery of the day from UPS or USPS, tomorrow or Saturday’s. It only that one and the Golden Girl one that I have not seen yet. I did get the Roger Moore one, I might go back and check on Sunday to see IF Box Lunch got it in.

One of the Gamestop in my city still don’t have any at all. But their site did say the Sean one out today. Like what Double-0-Slevin have sais already.