James Bond Funko Pops


My Amazon order for Sean got postponed. Now says it will come out on Jan 7, but doesn’t have a clear delivery date. If I happen across one IRL first, I’m canceling my order.


I went to Box Lunch today to look the Sean Connery one. There was a guy there and he spotted one. But he was not looking for it. He was looking for Lord Of The Ring ones and maybe other Pop Funko. So I took that one and look to see was there anymore. Which there was three or four more other ones. So that I could compare to which is the best one. That there is no problem(s) to it like this one has small dot of black paint when doing the bow tie, that part looks glued on or whatever. I wasted like three to twelve minutes comparing them. So that I get the one I’m happy with.

The Box Lunch had a sale of 2 for 18 on Pop Funkos. But I didn’t go for it on what I still don’t have. I know I should have, But when money spend is money spend. Just like money saved is money saved.


No sign of them at my local Game Stops.


IF you have Box Lunch in your city or next door counties that only take 15-20 minutes to get to. It NOT listed on their website like other Pop Funkos. Also go to Hot Topics, Barnes And Noble, Target and ToysRus, see IF they have any of the James Bond Pop Funko. They do sell Pop Funkos, just did they get those in at all. Best Buy might also sell Pop Funkos in the gaming area or towards the cash register.


I pre-ordered 5 of the figures (every one except the Golden Girl) from popinabox.co.uk when they were first announced back in October. I still haven’t received anything, however I noticed earlier today that a charge from popinabox.co.uk has appeared on my online banking statement.

When I login to my popinabox.co.uk account, I see that the status of the Oddjob and Jaws figures is “awaiting dispatch”, while the others are still “awaiting stock”.

So it sounds like the first two figures are on their way to me…


Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for Wave 1, this is coming in February:


I feel like someone earlier in the thread called this.


Was literally about to post this! Really psyched for this!

https://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=FU24820&id=CO-408272913 Here’s a pre-order link for those interested.


I will definitely pre-order that Bond with Aston Martin.


How much will that cost at lest?


£24.99 here


Yes! Very cool.


What might be the price for it in the U.S… Well the area, like the figures are 9.99-11.99.


As a pop ride (their term, not mine) rather than individual figure, it’ll be more like 25-30 dollars. Link I provided above is saying $28.99 so I expect most places to be around that.


It would be great IF some big retail that do order it in, like Box Lunch(kind of big), Hot Topic, Game Stops, Barnes And Noble and Target will sell it like 19.99-22.99 area would be great.


VERY important question - are these pop vinyl the bobble head ones? (as I noticed one article about the DB5 drop in)

I only ask as normally Funko models are rigid, where heads turn and arms can move up and down, but that’s it. The exceptions are all Disney owned properties AT DISNEY’S REQUEST. This in my house means all bobble-heads are from Star Wars or Marvel.

Why, exactly, would Bond join them? Was FN-007 more prophetic than people thought?


So the reason that a lot of the Disney Funko Pops are bobble heads is to get around licensing deals. Hasbro has the contract to make Star Wars figurines, so the Star Wars Funko Pops are bobbleheads. Same with Marvel. So unless someone has the exclusive contract to make Bond figures, I don’t think they’ll be bobbleheads.


Interesting, and tbh I havn’t been able to find any other reference to Bond pop vinyls being bobble head, so I’m probably just going to have to wait and see to find out if they are or not.


If I see it, I’ll be getting it as well. Looks nice.


All I can say for everyone is try every store you know that sells Pop Funkos. To see do they have the James Bond ones. For the big retailers check more then one of their stores. It could be why some locations have it and some still not selling them at all.

All the Game Stops in my city still don’t have the James Bond ones and a local mom and pop chain Amoeba Music don’t have it either. But I still have not check the Game Stops in my near by next door counties. Most of time it is easier to find any Disney, Dragon Ball Z, WestWorld, Overwatch, Star Wars, Teen Titans Go!, Elf, Stranger Things, Fairy Tail, Death Note, League Of Legends, Gears Of War and other Pop Funkos. Kind of sad, that how it is.


Well, I’ve got an update ship date of Jan 24 from Amazon for Sean. Roger is still scheduled to ship in February.