James Bond Funko Pops


Got the formal shipping notification from Amazon today that Sean should arrive tomorrow!


Nice, be sure to tell us what you think of the product.


So Sean did arrive yesterday and now he’s on my desk:

The quality is pretty good and I like the touches like the red carnation.


Great to see Harry and Phil in your collection!


Looks nice, thanks for the photo. I’ll have to get around to ordering one.


Finally snagged mine! Joining Harry Hart on my work desk.


I finally have one thanks to my sister giving me one for my Birthday. Connery is now guarding my shelf of Bond books.


Got this unexpected gift from a friend.


Major additions to my collection. Now Connery won’t be so lonely.


I’ve now got Roger and Sean on my desk at work:


They’re great - I’m hoping Dalton and Brosnan get this treatment too.


Craig and Jinx were on the initial announcement, but havn’t been released, Craig’s was removed about the time Craig says he agreed to return, so I imagine that’s more a marketing thing - tie it in to Bond 25. No idea what happened to Jinx, maybe they decided a Die Another Day character wasn’t as iconic as the rest. The rest will probably get made if this first batch sells well, though arn’t the other three going to look almost identical in pop vinyl?


I suppose it would be about what clothing they’re in, along with their specific hairstyle.


I suppose with Lazenby you could use the frilly shirt or Sir Hilary Bray outfit, but with Brosnan and Dalton, apart from a minor hairline difference, their going to look identical in pop vinyl if they go for tux’s arn’t they? Brosnan in a suit and tie could work I suppose, but what would Dalton wear?


The black leather jacket from TLD would be a good choice.


It would be nice to see Craig get the black turtleneck outfit in Spectre. Perhaps Moore get that treatment instead.

Brosnan’s suit he wears in Goldeneye where he commandeers the tank stands out for me. His Royal Navy dress uniform is optional too.


Dalton might be recognizable if they use his “Eddie Munster” hairstyle from LTK. Nobody else ever sported that look (thank Heaven).

Somehow in spite of the usual, generic look of these things I’m getting the intended “Roger” vibe …maybe because of the mole, or the FYEO-like pose (“Where do I point this gun, anyway?”) but Sean I don’t get at all. The hair seems a bit too plentiful and too light in tone, and there’s nothing in the face that says “Connery.” This is where heavier, longer and more expressive eyebrows might have helped. Or a red scuba suit.

I also think the Jaws figure works because of the pose. But it would’ve been cool if he could’ve been taller than all the others.

Against all odds, Oddjob also works for me. Take away the heft and give him round eyes, and how could it look like Sakata, right? But somehow I know him right away. “A-ha!”

For some reason, the Jill figure amuses me. This is probably the world’s most adorable collectible figure of a corpse, ever. “Hey, mom! I want that one…the dead girl!”


I bought Moore and Connery. Can’t help but think i’d much prefer proper action figures to stylised funko pops though…

Also very seriously considering the Big Chief Connery figure and upcoming Moore from LALD…but 400 AUD each? Yikes.


Since we got Connery and Moore in this wave I would expect Brosnan or Craig paired with Lazenby or Dalton for the next wave. With the other two saved for the next. I hope classic Q and M make the next round plus some of the Bond girls.


Fingers crossed for Sir Hillary Bray (or ski suit) Lazenby.