Kingsman 3/The Kings Man

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For those who still want to use November 2019 to go see a ludicrous action movie about a British spy involving a man who made Layer Cake…

Loved the first 2, so I’m glad I’ll get to see it so close to Bond 25.

So this delay has given us a new Matthew Vaughn movie (a new Kingsman at that) and a Rian Johnson movie starring Daniel Craig, and we STILL get a 5th Bond from Craig. This film delay has been surprisingly good for this member of the audience.

That worked out nicely didn’t it?


This did turn up on the Bond 25 news thread, but the casting of both leads for Kingsman: The Great Game felt more fitting for here. This does, somehow, figure into 3, though I suspect these two will just cameo in 3.

Kingsman 3 and Kingsman The Great Game have merged into 1 on the internet. Empire selling the Daily Mail version is appalling as these details being regurgitated all come from an interview Vaughn gave to Empire a few months ago.

There is a vagueness in which Kingsman it is that is taking Bond 25’s now vacant slot, which is where people with short term memory loss, and don’t understand how google works, seem to be confused.

Kingsman: The Great Game - Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson in a WW1 set film showing the initial forming of the Kingsman group.

according to a BOND 25 IN DANGER THE SKY IS FALLING!!! article by the Daily Mail a few weeks ago, the two leads of the Great Game will also feature ina minor capacity in…

Kingsman 3 - Colin Firth and Taron Egerton reprise their respective roles for “the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship,”

I present what is possible when you have a memory longer than 4 months.


Small update from Eggsy - Kingsman: The Great Game is up next, not Kingsman 3.

This is interesting Bondwise as it’s the film that calls for more of Ralph Fiennes character.

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Sounds interesting, there’s a lot of material to use in the inter-war years.

Another Bond alum joins, as well as a Vaughn alum.

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Looks like Kingsman: The Great Game is being pushed back to Bond 25’s now vacated release date of February 24, 2020.

Fair enough! The first Kingsman was released on Valentine’s Day as well. Hopefully this one is a step up from The Golden Circle. They shot them selves in the foot in terms of stakes when they made their choice about what happened to Colin Firth’s character. Going back in time should reintroduce a bit of danger into things.

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On a related note - Kingsman 3 will come after The Great Game is finished…

In regards to dates, I’m aware Vaughn once talked about preferring a February release, but I suspect this is more a studio decision.

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On a light note I happened across…

…Eggsy can hold a tune.

Elton John and Taron Egerton for Bond 25 theme? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is that Elton’s newest Twink ???

Yes, out loud. What fun!

Come no closer, tiny minded.


Vaughn, I should point out, says that every time he’s working with an actor rumored as the next Bond (he said it with Cavill, Fassbender and Craig)
I’m sure he’s just being facetious because people keep asking - as indeed they have done for 15 years now.

@Arbogast777 shared this news on the Movies: 2019 and Beyond thread, but I thought i’d place the full article on here.

The Great Game now has it’s official monicker of The King’s Man


Thread title changed!

Now I’m confused :wink:

The thread was originally called Kingsman 3, which is the sequel movie, coming out in November 2019.

Now it’s The Kings Man, which is the prequel movie, coming out in February 2020.

Should we just change it again to reflect both?

We’re on it. Apologies.