Knives Out (2019)

Daniel Craig in this movie reminds me of George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove

If you want to watch it knowing nothing, I wouldn’t read it, but it’s intentionally spoiler free. Intriguing that Johnson would be keen to make more films with Craig’s character - Craig’s Bond retirement plan perchance?

Bring them on!

High praise, indeed

As Rian Johnson put it when the interviewer said that

Oh my God!

Personally thought that there’s some expectations you really don’t want put on you 2 months before you release your film, matching Dr Strangelove is one of them. The others would be To Kill A Mockingbird or Citizen Kane

Variety talking to Johnson and the cast. Note how Jaime Lee Curtis controls a room.


This is one of the positive takeaways from Boyle leaving Bond 25. Craig had a chance to make Knives Out. I’m excited about the possibilities for more films in the series if Knives Out is a hit.


The most at ease i’ve ever seen Craig at these things. Note Eon, your lead is much better at interviews when he has Jamie Lee Curtis sat next to him.


Yes, that is true, but… how can they use that information? She can only sitting next to him at an interview for a Bondmovie, if she has something to do with the movie -and if he’s doing another one- if she is the villian, or a new M, or an older Moneypenny, that’s probably not going to happen ofcourse.

Head of the CIA or the main villain. Obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She’d be such a great Bond Villain

One of many character posters that Rian Johnson has shared on his twitter;^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1173628202243301377&


That’s amazing. Awesome shot.

“Mr. Blanc is a Private Investigator of great renown”



Mostly fluff, but I’m sharing for JLC’s joke at 2.40, as I am aware of the fans of her work on Halloween’s last few that are on here.

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This is better coverage of the SPOILER FILLED TALK from tiff that I posted above.

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Look at the tan on Craig: it’s not just makeup on the Bond set then! :slight_smile:

Given this film’s history has a symbiotic relationship with No Time To Die, It seems apt to share it. This is what we’re getting for waiting a bit longer.


Final trailer

Rather cool tie in site.


So much looking forward to it - but the German release date was unfortunately pushed back to January…