"Maybe no one will notice..."


Maybe no one will notice that the water rushing through Dr. No’s obstacle course should have come pouring out through the grate Bond uses to exit the last conduit.


…or that Miss Taro gives Bond one address on Magenta Dr, then Bond gives another to the police, after confirming it with her.


…that a picture of one of the dead men Bond looks at on his laptop in Casino Royale in the Bahamas is director Martin Campbell, lying dead on the ground BEFORE his cameo at Miami airport when he gets his neck broken and falls to the turf


I don’t think either one is him.

The guy Bond sees on his laptop has a bullet hole in his head, so I don’t think it’s supposed to be connected to the guy at the airport.

The airport guy has long been rumored to be MC, but there’s one shot where you get a close up of his face and it’s not him…


I think it is him.


I could very well be wrong, but the face just doesn’t look right to me. Compare noses…



Maybe no one will notice the obvious stand-in dummies in the helicopter which chases Bond and Wai Lin in TND, when it crashes into the building and explodes. The same could be said for the obvious toy boat with models when Stromberg’s boat launches from the Liparus and heads back to Atlantis in TSWLM. :sunglasses:


Forgot the very earliest (film) one!

Maybe no one will notice that the man in the Dr. No gunbarrel isn’t Sean Connery.


…or that quarrel fires at least nine shots from his revolver without reloading.


Maybe no one will notice the disappearance of Goldfinger in his car when Oddjob drives away from the golf club, moments after getting in.


…or the disappearance of the Korean goon aboard the jet that Goldfinger hijacks - with Bond aboard - at the end of the film. He’s standing right behind his boss when Auric reveals himself, then…?


Maybe nobody will notice that George Baker overdubbed George Lazenby for about 1/3rd of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service? :smile:


Martin Campbell says on CR’s commentry track that it’s not.


Maybe no one will notice the string pulling Fiona Volpe’s motorcycle into the water when she ditched it after killing Lippe.


Or that Wai Lin is nothing but a dummy when the motorcycle jumps over the helicopter.


That the wall maps in Moneypenny’s office in Thunderball change, despite both scenes in which the office appears taking place on the same day.

At the start of OHMSS, Tracy’s car (as reflected in the rear view mirror) moves to overtake Bond on the right; the car is then shown overtaking on the left. If she had overtaken on the right, she’d have driven off a cliff into the sea. Some might call that a lost opportunity.


Maybe no one will notice that Bond draws five at the casino in Corfu (FYEO), yet the croupier declares it a ‘neuf’ and gives him Bunky’s chips. He draws the same five a minute later, before adding a four.


Maybe no one will notice in Dr. No, Bernard Lee’s line about “Since I’ve been head of MI7 there’s been a 40% drop in Double-Oh casualties…”, “MI7” was obviously dubbed over what he really said which was “MI6”, if you lip read him.


Maybe no one will notice that the shot of Bond showing Sanchez the lighter at the end of Licence to Kill is the same shot from earlier in the movie, when Bond first exams it at Felix’s wedding…or maybe they will. It’s pretty obvious and rather jarring.


(This is one of my all time favorites)

Maybe no one will notice that at the very end of the credits to Thunderball, the colors of the rising bubbles create a French flag over the shot of Paris…