"Maybe no one will notice..."


Maybe no one will notice that Renard doesn’t even remotely suspect anything happened to Elektra despite talking to her on the radio at the time of her death and Elektra was speaking into the radio, meaning Renard would’ve heard the gunshot. Couple this with Elektra being cut off so abruptly, he really should’ve suspected something happened to her when Bond showed up on the submarine after all that.


Maybe no one will notice the reflection of the camera crew in the car window when Locque gets on the telephone in the back seat of the baddies car at the ski jump in For Your Eyes Only.


Oh you could do a whole thread just on camera crew reflections :wink:


Or dodgy CGI.

Maybe no one will notice that when Bond dives off the top of Maiden’s Tower, the water looks like early PS2 textures…


Maybe no one will notice that when Bond wind-surfs in DAD . . . oh, wait everybody noticed.


Maybe no one will notice that hapless extra being hit by a car when Bond is outside the ile de France hotel (TLD)


Maybe no one will notice that the planet Mischa orbits its most definitely not Earth…


Maybe no one will notice Anya loses all traces of a Russian accent when she desperately asks Bond for the ignition key to Jaws’ van in The Spy Who Loved Me…


Maybe no one will notice she barely had one to begin with…


Thanks…that thought did occur to me after I posted… yeah, pretty weak accent all around. :smile:


On a related note - maybe no-one will notice the senior members of the Russian ministry (who speak) in Goldeneye are all blatantly French.

“Second level Programair” being the most blatant offender.


Maybe no one will notice that Bond’s hat vanishes mysteriously while he’s being briefed on Operation Thunderball. (Actually, Bond does notice, but doesn’t seem to care.)


Maybe no one will notice Bond’s lips never move when the line “Guns make me nervous!” is overdubbed during the assault on Piz Gloria in OHMSS. (Well, I’m sure plenty of eagle eyed Bond fans would have noticed this)


Or that one of the attacking helicopters vanishes from the right side of the screen, only to reappear on the left.

Actually, plenty of lines have been dubbed when Bond’s mouth is momentarily obscured (“Ten…”) and not just with Lazenby (“Peter?”)

Also, maybe no one will notice that only one of the cable cars in Rio has a platform on the roof (accessible via a hatch that locks on the outside) to stand on, in case you want to slide down the cable with the convenient length of chain provided.


Maybe no one will notice the Mr. Solo’s body was NOT in the car when it gets crushed into a cube in Goldfinger…otherwise would would have seen a load of blood and guts in the cube itself…


Maybe no one will notice that Oblofenhauserfeld goes from doing almost everything through intermediaries at his board meeting to being totally one-on-one at his desert hideout. Mystique interruptus.


Maybe no one’ll notice that the plane that Col. Toro sees flying towards the hangar he’s standing in in the opening to Octopussy is a completely different one to that which Bond is flying…


Maybe no one will notice how Felix Leiter fails so badly at being inconspicuous in Thunderball…i.e. wearing a full CIA suit on the beach and wearing sunglasses at the gaming table in the casino.


He’s just as bad in Dr No and Goldfinger in regards to blending in. Goldfinger it’s painfully bad - somehow the American in Miami is the most conspicuous person there.


Maybe no one will notice but what happened to the guy who helped Bond and Domino escape? :sweat_smile: