"Maybe no one will notice..."


He was left out in the ocean until 1977. He was eaten by Jaws as he swam away from Atlantis.


I like to think he’s sat in the Bahamas, muttering to himself about the Scottish bloke who just left him there.


…and still missing his Warsaw laboratory?


He ends every night at the bar saying that.


…to the scorpion on his wrist.


50 years later he’s gone through a few scorpions. He really misses no.2…despite the associations…


(What a shame… we barely got to know Mr. Kutz…LOL!)




I would have definitely taken that over the Jinx spin-off movie…:grin:


Maybe no one will notice:

That the helicopters attacking the oil rig at the end of DAF shoot smoke when launching their rockets, but those rockets leave no contrails after they’re launched. Even Little Nellie’s rockets and missiles left contrails.


In Moonraker’s M briefing, Bond enters M’s office by the one door we’ve ever been aware of but then, at the end, walks off in a different direction to where the door is. It looks that way, anyway. Most peculiar.


You know, something always felt off about that MR scene. Now I know what it is.

Maybe there’s a door to the left of M’s desk that’s always remained out of camera view, and connects to the loo?


Wasn’t there mention of a separate entrance to M‘s office (and even a personal lavatory Bond could gain the keys to if he’s a good boy) in one of the books? Must have been heading there…


Trick of perception. Nothing wrong with the scene.

Earlier in the scene, Bond attempts to leave, but Q stops him: “Just a minute, 007. I have something for you.” Notice in the background the location of Jan Wyck’s Portrait Of King William III, In Armour (man on horseback). Bond and Q walk to the far (window) side of the room behind Freddy Gray’s seat. Q retrieves the wooden case containing the wrist dart-gun. Q then walks around Bond so that Bond’s back is to one corner of the room. Bond fires a dart into the painting. Not much of an art lover is our Jimmy?

There’s a bit of trickery with the angles here - the painting isn’t that far to the right of Bond & Q - but the filmmakers couldn’t very well push the Panavision camera through the wall and they wanted to show Bond fire from an angle and not directly at the viewer.

When all is said and done, Bond exits frame at the correct angle to access the door… otherwise he’d walk smack dab into the wall. If you don’t believe me, look where M’s desk is in the background of the shot (when Q says “causing death in thirty seconds”) - the desk is directly opposite the door.

The choice of wide angle lens to shoot the scene further distorts perspective. Examine the background when Bond says “Yes, which crashed somewhere in the Yukon.” The background appears so warped that the painting and the door don’t look remotely flush - more like a 150 degree angle. But that’s not the worst offender of all: look closely at the painting, door, and mirror when Bond says “The shuttle was built in California.” The painting and the mirror appear set at a 120 degree angle. Notice how distorted/warped the bookcase appears in the background when Bond straps the gadget on his wrist. Or how curved the background wall appears when Q says “Just a minute, 007.”


Remember it’s Roger. The important part is that he hit the horse in the ass.

Good thing it wasn’t one of the armor piercing heads or he’d have wrecked M’s office (and maybe killed Moneypenny in the next room). Equally lucky he doesn’t shoot the centrifuge controls with one of the cyanide darts. Q never does explain how the same wrist action can magically produce the kind of dart you need for whatever cicumstance you’re in.


Darn! the poobahs at EON were hoping nobody would notice.
I wondered about that right from my first viewing.
The only logical conclusion I can draw is that Alfred Pennyworth is 007’s personal valet and he always makes sure his utility belt contains just what he’s going to need on his next mission.


Ah, fair enough.

I suppose no-one will notice that Bond isn’t wearing the dart gun throughout most of the film, not least that he’s not wearing it throughout all the messing about in South America nor when he goes into orbit. Apologies if I haven’t noticed anyone else already pointing this one out.


In his efforts to keep it secret – and look stylish, of course – Roger sticks it his pants pocket while his sleeves are rolled up in the Amazon.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why he doesn’t take it out and use the armor piercing dart to open the vent before he and Holly are immolated, as opposed to the comparatively drawn-out procedure with the exploding Seiko.


Because he has to use the deus ex machina gadget and not the one we saw him given at the beginning of the film.


More like because Seiko paid good money for product placement. Note Roger even says, “Bang on time,” so you could almost use the sequence independently as a TV commercial.