"Maybe no one will notice..."


I really think EON did not believe that anybody would notice. And I’m quite sure it wasn’t mentioned in any press material, or am I wrong here?


(Hmm…perhaps EON thought they could get away with it, secretagentfan…lol)

Maybe no one will notice Connery’s final line, " He was right, you know…", at the end of From Russia With Love makes absolutely no sense since Grant’s line about “What a performance” (referring to Bond and Tania making love in the bridal suite) was cut out.


Maybe no one will notice that Natalya keeps typing 4 letter words when trying to decipher Boris’s password, despite watching him type in 5 characters. Also, maybe no one will notice that despite being russian, Boris’s passwords are all in English. Or that, until one guard in Cuba, all russians are speaking English to each other despite no English speakers being present.


…or that at the end of CR when Bond says his alphanumeric passcode is V-E-S-P-E-R, that is clearly not what he entered at the start of the tournament.


Or that that is an absurdly easy password to decipher and I’m sure Le Chiffre would’ve figured it out.


Maybe no one will notice that the silhouette of Silva on the wall during the opening credits of Skyfall looks like it was done by Banksy…


I think it looks like Leon Kennedy.


Maybe no one will notice the mid-move edit from Connery to his stunt double when Bond kicks Lippe away from the weight machine in NSNA (not that it was necessary, as no one could tell that it was Connery before the cut anyway).


Maybe no one will notice about, oh, a hundred continuity errors in Thunderball.


Like the fact that there were two Disco Volantes - one with more portholes on a sharper prow, used in some long shots (entering Nassau Harbour and when Felix and Bond are driving away in a runabout)?


I find the continuity errors part of the film’s charm :wink:

Maybe no one will notice Q clearly telling Bond that the watch was a geiger counter and later Bond tells Domino that the camera was the geiger counter.


By the same note - all the Russians in Bond films speak english to each other, even at senior staff meetings.

Campbell discusses this on his Mask of Zorro commentary, pointing out that all the characters in the film are actually speaking Spanish, if we play it logically. He then talks about why they go for “Hollywood Spanish” and makes reference to Goldeneye and it’s “Hollywood Russian”


I understand that, though it’s still immersion breaking, IMO. However, it doesn’t solve the problem with Boris’s password, which Bond gives Natalya in English. Unless Bond was also speaking Russian? Ugh, this is why this is a terrible answer to an obviously dumb question. It becomes worse when the characters using these so-called “Hollywood languages”, use obvious English phrases that wouldn’t translate. Is it really that hard for characters to be speaking the proper language?


I agree - Octopussy’s scene with the senior Russian military staff did that for me.

Actually that’s something - how long is chair in Russian?

I stated reason is that most viewers arn’t willing to read subtitles for too long, which I kind of see, but it does require a bit too much suspension of disbelief at times…


Maybe no one will notice that literally every single character in the Bond canon speaks fluent English and usually with a British or American accent. The problem is that many of the actors do not and it just makes the problem seem worse. Gert Frobe, Daniela Bianchi, Gabrielle Ferzetti, as well as many other needed to have their lines dubbed.


Speaking of - maybe no-one will notice the leading women of Dr No, From Russia With Love and Thunderball have the same voice…


Maybe no one will notice that the grenade pen would have exploded about 6 times in Boris’s hand before actually exploding.


Maybe no one will notice that M obviously knew more about Sciarra than she was willing to tell Bond, even though there was no apparent need for her to be so brief. Oh, and that she tells Bond to kill him first, then investigate him. She did like the drama, it seems.


That’s a bad decision in the context of the drama, not a mistake with the film - M chose to cover an act she was ashamed of rather than follow her staffs suggestions - hence her use of the series only F word.


He was talking about Sciarra in Spectre but I think you might be thinking of Silva in Skyfall…