Mission: Impossible 6

So, continuing the thread from the old forums (http://debrief.commanderbond.net/topic/64881-mission-impossible-rogue-nation), it looks like Tom Cruise got a injured during a stunt for the new film:

I watched it a few times and the first time I definitely thought it was meant to happen. Hopefully this doesn’t slow production down at all

Movieweb is reporting a four month production shut down:

Thanks for posting this, Navy007… Wow… I saw the video of the accident but didn’t hear about the 4 month delay… Maybe this is a wake up call to Tom Cruise to seriously consider having a stunt man more often. It’s probably a good thing that Daniel Craig is making Bond 25 his last and hopefully he can avoid serious injuries.God knows he’s been beaten up enough on the other four films.

Thankfully Cruise seems to be already on the mend. According to McQuarrie MI VI will probably still meet its release date.

Good to hear! Looking forward to this.

Here’s a pretty detailed interview with Christopher McQuarrie about the injury, including what exactly happened.



This series actually takes it over from the Bond series in spectacular stunts and action scenes and a general sense of enjoyment watching the movies. And they use their locations much better than in any recent 007 outing. So I am really looking forward to this installment.

Well, sometimes they do get caught up in a bit of establishing-shot indulgence, where in effect it doesn’t matter if a sequence is set in London, Amsterdam or Hamburg (ROGUE NATION’s finale; compare this with PHANTOM PROTOCOL’s where the action was tailored after Dubai’s locale). And the plots do tend to turn out a bit samey, I sometimes have trouble telling one from the other. But in terms of pure fun and enjoyment of the spectacle MI has made a big leap into territory formerly Bond’s very own. I enjoy these films very much.

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If you couldn’t tell by my constant posting about the series, I am a fan of the Mission: Impossible movies. Confession time: I saw the first Mission: Impossible movie years before I ever saw a Bond film. I’d argue that it’s only in the past few films that the plots have become similar. Mission: Impossible 1’s plot is miles apart from M:I-2’s plot (or lack thereof).

That’s true, the first three films each were quite different from one another, also in style.

Well yes and no; the whole plot of Nation was that the baddie was a rogue British agent, so setting it in London does make quite a bit of sense. Compared to the recent Bond films where Shanghai, Italy etc could be anywhere. At least Mexico used a good bit of local flavour, but Craig’s Bond is noticeable for getting even less involved with local culture than usual for Bond.

Mind you, I caught the beginning of World Is Not Enough on telly the other day: why is Bond meeting a Swiss banker in Spain?

Great link; thanks for posting.

Because Swiss bankers were the current flavour of boogeymen then and the Guggenheim Foundation had succeeded in talking Bilbao into letting them raise one of their extravagant commercial displays in Bilbao for reasons of advancing modern art and tourism. The first gives a nice minor villain while the latter makes for a nifty backdrop; that’s why.

Re. ROGUE NATION: but I seem to remember that we do not actually see a lot of London in that finale. At least I would have expected much more if they shoot on location.

So no reason for the banker to be there at all, then! :grin:

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I seem to recall the ending of Rogue Nation had to be reworked at the last minute, similar to Spectre’s, so that might have had something to do with it.

Rogue Nation was a bit of a disappointment for me, they tried to emulate the fourth one, but I think Mission Impossible thrives on change. Their best stunt was in the opening 5 minutes, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames sleepwalked through it, and that last act was pretty dull.

I’m hesitant about the next one cos they’ve kept on the same director, but he’s said it’s going to be different so fingers crossed!

Glad they’re bringing Michelle Monaghan back. I thought it was very clever the way they explained her absence in Ghost Protocol. Going in I wondered how they could have dropped her character after the third one, it seemed like it was going to be another very different, standalone story… but no!

I just finished a marathon of all the Mission Impossible films on my iPad…very fun to plug in headphones and lie in bed while watching Ethan Hunt and Co. I’m also a bit hesitant about MI6 planning on showing more of a personal aspect to Ethan Hunt’s character and plot, something I think we got overdosed on in MI2, i.e. former IMF Agent Sean Ambrose vs his mentor and in MI3 with Ethan being lured out of retirement for revenge on Owen Davian for killing his former student and kidnapping his wife. MI2 was so horrible, although it does have it’s moments (a la Die Another Day) that it’s almost like it forgot it was a Mission Impossible movie. However, it was great that Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation returned to the form which made the original TV series great. Everyone on the team plays a big role in accomplishing the mission. MI2 and MI3 I think were too focused in Ethan.

On a side note, I’m glad that Mission Impossible 6 and Bond 25 will NOT be releasing the same year and hopefully there won’t be any similarities between the two films, unlike SPECTRE and Rogue Nation.

That’s one of my concerns if they’re continuing the Blofeld story line. From the spy photos and videos, it looks like Solomon Lane is going to escape and wreak havoc again, probably trying to get revenge on IMF. Which is what I would anticipate from a Blofeld presence. Hopefully the two franchises deal with this potential story in very different ways, and Bond doesn’t get beat to the punch by M:I-6

Looks like Tom Cruise has recovered enough to resume filming! Currently filming in Brentwood.


Excellent! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to hear!!!