Mission: Impossible 6


It really really is… Quite unbelievable.


So here’s some clarity on the nature of Henry Cavill’s character, August Walker



I’m digging the new poster. And we’re getting a new trailer on Wednesday!


LOVE that poster. This will definitely be making its way to my wall at some point in the not too distant future.


It somehow manages to incorporate all the major players without looking too crowded.


Seems like Cruise and company are hitting every beat with this film that Bond should be hitting. The film looks energetic and fun whereas SPECTRE couldn’t have looked more dour and dull. Just compare the poster campaigns for FALLOUT vs SPECTRE, and so on.

If FALLOUT turns out to be the film we think it’s going to be, EON’s going to have a serious task on their hands to get Bond both back to where it should be and also up to the standard that Cruise is setting with his spy franchise.


The stunts cannot be topped by Bond, that’s for sure. Although one might argue that Bond films never were attempting what Cruise is doing in these films.


A subtle and fresh take on the floating heads posters to be sure. Looks modern and energetic.

Not sure Bond was ever what Cruise’s MI is about. Cruise’s Hunt is a super agent. I don’t think Bond was ever about that. Thing is, even IF they were to attempt emotion and battle scarring, I would think MI would do it better than Bond. Bond seems to ladle it on in truck loads.

Back to subtlety…


MI: Rogue Nation is what Spectre should have been.


Exactly. And the fact that they moved it up to the summer to get it out first only made SPECTRE look even more tired by comparison.


As impressive as the stunts from the last couple of Mission: Impossible films have been they don’t come close to the ski jump from The Spy Who Love Me or the bungee jump from GoldenEye. While I have appreciated the emphasis on story and deeper characterizations of the Craig era I do think Bond is due for another major stunt like they use to do.

I would really like to see Bond and M:I try to one up each other in friendly competition.


New trailer…


Looks utterly sublime.





I just texted that to a friend and his exact response was “he’s become the American James Bond.” :joy:


Amazing! But I was so sold already I almost regret watching it because of all the awesome scenes I’ll now be looking for to happen when I’m in the theater. Also, it’s pretty clear that our suspicion was right that they’ve lifted the villain’s escape plan right out of Licence to Kill.


The ol’ transport van is definitely the weak link in keeping movie villains locked up. Patriot Games had the same thing.


S.W.A.T. used it too and The Dark Knight.


So we’re agreed, no idea is a new idea. (And this in MI6 didn’t necessarily get ‘lifted’ from LTK…)