Mission: Impossible 6


While I admit, that Rogue Nation was the Spectre movie we should have gotten, is anyone getting tired of Mission Impossible rehashing the same exact plot every single time? Every time an IMF mission goes badly and Ethan is being hunted by the good guys for being a rogue agent.


Well, the first one along with Ghost Protocol and Rouge Nation yes. But two had more overtones of Goldeneye with a former IMF agent and a bio weapon instead of a space satellite. Three was Ethan being made a scapegoat for a failed rescue, a grab that went south and being compromised by a personal agenda. So overall, yeah, the ‘disavowed’ card has been played a bit heavy handed. Seems like Fallout is in the same vein, but more to do with the consequences of an op going sideways that’s been lingering from Hunt’s past.


Funnily enough, the only one which did not use this formula (M:I-2) is the one that’s not as beloved by fans. Also, I appreciate that in the trailer for Fallout, Henry Cavil’s character addresses this and uses it as a possible motivation: “How many times has Hunt’s government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?”


FALLOUT could actually become the film SPECTRE should have been: tieing every plot together - but not ret-conning it and instead focussing on the consequences of the previous missions creating a disaster.


This is actually kind of true. That said, I actually prefer MI2 to MI1, for the sheer fact that MI1 completely ruins the Mission Impossible canon. Cavill’s line in the trailer actually reminds me of the villain in the final season of Dexter finally calling out Miami Metro for their brain-dead incompetence.


Here’s another new image from the film, courtesy of USA Today. Looks like this stunt will feature as heavily in the marketing as the plane stunt did for Rogue Nation.


I hope this isn’t a rip-off of The Living Daylights’ cargo plane sequence…:smile:


No, its an Uncharted 3 rip-off. Which is itself, a The Living Daylights rip-off. haha




The disavowed rogue thing appears to be a feature, not a bug. That’s actually my complaint about the Bourne movies … there’s never really a third party villain. It’s always corruption from within.


Well, in the case of the Bourne films, I think pre-amnesia Bourne was basically the villain. Post-amnesia he’s changed and is trying to undo the damage he’s done.


A new post from the official Mission: Impossible instagram. 100 days until the film premieres. Doesn’t look like there’s any new footage, but still cool.


Apparently Lorne Balfe will be doing the soundtrack this time around. I think that leaves Michael Giacchino as the only one to do more than one.



I was watching Rogue Nation last weekend and really enjoyed Joe Kraemer’s score for it. Should probably pick up the CD …


Oh I was hoping they’d use Kramer again; he was very good.
Still, hopefully this fella’ll be good too.


Some tidbits coming out of CinemaCon. So this skydiving stunt is the one that he rehearsed for a year to prepare for (rather than the helicopter stunt as I assumed). I expect the next trailer will feature it, as they were still filming this sequence when the teaser came out. We’re about 3 months out now, so the marketing should start ramping up soon.


I actually believe the long term stunt he was preparing for, for what ended up in being two years, was the helicopter stunt work that required him to be an aerobatics licenced pilot. This which then allowed him to be filmed in the cockpit alone.

The Dubai stunt again seems utterly ridiculous. In one of the articles (it may be the one you quote, but i had read about three or four articles before seeing your post), the writer was said to have been wondering who on earth would underwrite this insanity - to insure the main star in putting himself into these situations and the ramifications to the film if indeed he does fall foul.

Something I have long been wondering.

At this point, it seems almost belittling to say, ‘I am looking forward to this film a lot’! My anticipation is seemingly unjust when considering the processes and commitments involved.


Simon, you are probably right about that. So we’re getting at least two all out ridiculous stunts in this film. Damn.


Speaking of the helicopter stunt:


That’s a whole other level of insanity. Very, very impressive.