Mission: Impossible 6


My “problem” with the Craig films (to the extent I have one) is that all the “drama” and “character development” and what have you is shoe-horned into a formula that’s still as bonkers as it ever was. Bond still does things that cannot happen in the real world (like surviving that fall in SF) and the plots are just as illogical and full of holes as ever. The only difference is now we notice because they’re so pretentious instead of just saying, “let’s have some mindless fun.”

It took me a long time to warm to Tom Cruise, and no franchise could have started out further on my bad side than the first installment of M:I, but what I love about that franchise is that it manages to take things just seriously enough to create suspense while somehow acknowledging throughout that Job 1 is to dazzle, thrill and amaze. No Bond film will ever seriously compete for the title of Greatest Dramatic Film Ever, but for a long time, they were the undisputed masters of big-screen thrills and adventure. It’d be great to see them back on top, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine a path that would get them there.

What’s interesting is both franchises are reactions to “Classic Bond.” M:I is all about “Look, we can out-Bond Bond!” and the Bond series has become, “Forget what you knew: Bond films are an acting showcase, now.” I can enjoy both in their way, but neither, for me, escapes the shadow of the greats that went before.


As before, the choice of the lead actor will define how the Bond films will develop over the next years.

In BOND 25 I do not expect any return to the kind of levity I preferred. I’m sure Craig wants a weighty closure, and Boyle will happily deliver that.

That does not mean it cannot be entertaining. But BOND 25 definitely will be in tune with what has defined the Craig era. Once they get that out of their system, EON might be ready to move on and readjust since they must acknowledge by now that exploring the character of Bond has reached its limits and that exploring the kind of adventure that can be told today is of much greater importance and value.


I do so hope that they chose to do something like what you suggest for Bond 26. The formal announcement for Bond 25 just came out and people a writing about this will probably be a dark film, with acerbic wit. That is not what I want in Bond film.


Worry not. I am sure they will take that into account.


I should hope so.


Bit more on the helicopter stunt



This trailer sure references a lot of Bond films (bathroom fight, remote control car.) Also, looks like a nuke went off from the TV in the background (Sum of All Fears.)

But if the stunt set pieces come fast enough, holes in the story won’t be that apparent in the theater. Plus we get to see the mustache that destroyed Justice League. :grin:



The guy is utterly insane.

Can’t wait.

(I am actually Not 15 years old!)


He’s ridiculous! It’ll be great to see an actor doing a skydive stunt for a change, as you can always tell when it’s real.

I’m not convinced he actually had to make it a real HALO jump though: can you really tell how high up they are onscreen?!


With the whole crew etc breathing the O2 etc., would Cruise run the risk of someone sometime saying, ‘You know what, he didn’t really do it.’?

I really doubt it.

That said, I am not sure how a lay person could tell if it was HALO or not when on the screen. Wonder if they will broach that.


Yeah, I mean: they’re not going to keep it all in one shot until he lands on the ground are they? So with editing it’ll be impossible to tell if he opens his 'chute low, surely?
They did the HALO jump in Tomorrow Never Dies with clever camera lenses and editing; I’m not sure how else you convey it, really.


Wow… and the guy is only a year younger than Roger was on AVTAK.


He has a better plastic surgeon…


Well, Moore’s outwork at the time consisted of getting out of bed, opening the window and breathing fresh air. We can safely assume Cruise’s outwork contains a little more than that…


But Roger did it with such style!


Can’t be argued.


New international trailer.


Nothing new there, unfortunately - it’s the same one Univex posted quite a while back…