Mission: Impossible 6


It was posted around last night on multiple sites as new. Sorry for redundancy.


Still looking like it’ll be an incredible film


Simon Pegg talking about the tone of the new film:



Well it’s all sounding a bit fantastic:


More goodness here. B Roll footage.


Thanks for that: remarkable stuff. That he did the skydive is more impressive than most movie stars: doing fighting in mid-air too? Unbelievable. I think only Jackie Chan has ever done this level of stuntwork himself (and of course he did it without safety wires, but that’s properly nuts!).
It just looks fantastic.


McQuarrie said it himself - “We couldn’t put our A-List lead through this much s*** if he wasn’t the producer”


Variety’s review:


An overview sampling of reviews:



Incredibly exciting. Can’t wait to buy a big tub of popcorn and enjoy this movie.


This Hollywood Reporter review is also a rave - and highlights the importance of the great stunt coordinator and second unit director here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/mission-impossible-fallout-review-1126693


Empire’s 5-star review of MI:6


I can’t wait to see it!


I saw it last night. I immediately wanted to watch it again.


Amusingly, the helicopter chase had certain action beats that seemed like McQuarrie saw SPECTRE and thought, “Let me show you how it’s done.”


“Cruise isn’t scared to show physical and emotional vulnerability here, even as he pushes himself back to his feet and goes after his target for the umpteenth time“

Glad to read that, it’s been my one gripe with this series that it hasn’t showcased Cruise’s true acting ability as much as it could have.


Further glowing reviews…


I also saw a featurette in the theaters that showed Tom Cruise learning to fly a helicopter so he could do the actual helicopter stunts, including a treacherous “corkscrew dive”, with cameras attached to the exterior so the audience could see it was actually him. As if the HALO stunt and motorcycle work alone weren’t each enough worth the price of admission. This franchise has really notched up their game from Ghost Protocol on.


One the reviews talks about this - how a partnership with Bad Robot has allowed this series to show what it can REALLY do.


I’m really psyched that already the film is producing RAVE reviews from just about everyone who has been lucky enough to see it so far…:sunglasses::+1: EON and Danny Boyle, the pressure is on for Bond 25…hope you step your game for 2019.


I’m not sure if they need to be trying to outdo the Mission Impossible films in terms of adrenaline. I think that would be very hard to do. Cruise has corned the market there. He’s a master at this stuff. I’m not saying they should throw in the towel. Bond will always need stunts, and I still want to see them. But rather emphasise the class, humour and British charm that is so distinct with the Bond series. That’s what sets him apart.