Mission: Impossible 6


If you really want one, BBC only thought it was good


This film is a rarity in the industry, now I think about it, a writer/director with industry weight and a producer/star, one who is as close to unquestionable as you can get, returning to a franchise movie. It’s two people who know what exactly what they are in for and have enough clout to make the film the way they decide. You just don’t see that big budget film-making.


MI: Fallout is the fastest 2 1/2 hours in a movie theatre that I have experienced in over a decade. There is not a wasted moment in this film, and has arguably one of the most exciting 3rd acts that races like a ticking time bomb about to go off (pun intended). If I were Boyle or Eon, I would sit back and take a collective breath and weight where they stand in comparison, because this film is the The Dark Knight standard that future action flicks will be judged against.


This movie is a knock-out on every possible level. I’m amazed at not only what has been collectively accomplished but at how incredibly well done it was on every possible level. How can Cruise possibly be 56 years old?


That was jolly good. A bar well raised.


Thanks for all these reactions, folks.

I’m going to watch the other films before I walk in for my screening on Thursday. The original film holds up really well. The third has an amazing villain, and the best cold open of any film I’ve ever seen…and I’m not being hyperbolic. Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, however, were such a huge jump in fun and quality. The only film in the franchise I’m indifferent about is MI:2. I fully expect Fallout to be my new favourite.


I rewatched Ghost Protocol last night, and amazingly, Fallout even made that one better by sort of retconning one of its subplots. And as much as I love Paula Patton in it, Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust character is a perfect fit for Ethan Hunt and his IMF team. Plus, Rogue Nation and Fallout gave us more of Ving Rhames’ Luther. Hard to see how it could get much better.


I think how quick they got Fergusson signed for Fallout does speak volumes for how the idea of having a team in the series has for so long been hampered by cast availability leading to only Cruise and Rhames being in all 6, and as rightfully say, its a small role for Rhames in 4.


Yeah, IMBD doesn’t even list Rhames, and until my rewatch I forgot he was even in it.

Ironic that the first Mission Impossible kills off the original team in favor of Ethan Hunt, only for him to rebuild it over the course of the next five films. But as long as there’s Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames, it’s all cool. Rebecca Ferguson is the icing on the cake.


Well, that was incredible.

An excruciatingly intelligent film, offering all varieties of action and occasional and appropriate humour, but at the same time, absolutely demanding of the audience to pay attention and keep up.


There were a few scenes that didn’t make the cut from the trailer. The blood dripping from the barb wire which was presumably at the camp site at the end. Luther’s “Is it ever a good plan. I mean, really.” It appears Hunt falling three times in one movie was one too many so what I assume to be the fall through or from the celing of the Parisian nightclub was removed. The other two being a fall down the cliff and a fall down the rope under the helicopter.

But the one scene which was cut, I am not even sure was a cut. The oft seen helicopter cabin shot charging into ram a skidding articulated lorry, and which was filmed just a few weeks after Cruise broke his ankle, is nowhere to be seen. And, nor could I see where in the movie it would go! I am now wondering if it was some SFX shot for the helicopter chase scene at the end, but Lord only knows how it would help manipulation into what was required.

I will have to see the film again as there seemed to be a problem with the AC and, as the film was just released, the theatre was full of people with enough plastic nachos to sink a ship. The heat and the smell was not conducive.

But 5/5.


I’m so psyched to watch this one. the rave reviews by fans and critics help build the hype for sure. My girlfriend is not into action movies, but I was able to convince her to come with me and watch it next week. Having Tom Cruise in the movie helps :grinning:


Here is a short interview with McQuarry describing the trailer scenes that were cut and why:



Thanks for that fella.

I still have no idea where the helicopter / truck scene could have gone. Presumably, smashing into a truck is going to have the same effect as smashing into another helicopter. So, were two helicopters used in the film?

Onwards to the DVD I guess.


Watched it this afternoon. Everything I hoped it would be.

Loads of nods to Bond, and the helicopter sequence in the 3rd act really does blow the similar plane scene from Spectre out of the water.

Already planning on going to see it again, hopefully in IMAX this time.


Don’t you mean helicopter scene from Spectre? The cold open in Mexico City?


I saw it in imax and the slight problem is that it’s in 3D. I usually love 3D but I think because it’s fake 3D it actually makes the amazing stunts look less real! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see it again: I struggle to think of another action movie that has a climax as exciting or tense. It’s pretty incredible. You even hate the villain as much as Ethan clearly does by the end.


He means the pursuit of Hynx. Similar locale and weirdly similar outfit on Craig…

This is a joke article obviously, but even as a joke The Mummy should NEVER be in a Higher Category than both Collateral and Interview With The Vampire. Ever.


I was thinking of The Living Daylights with Cruise hanging on to the netting.


I actually meant the Spectre sequence in Austria when Bond rescues Madeline from Hinx.


Honest Trailers points this out too!