Mission: Impossible 6


Well, provided it’s Universal who is coming on board in some fashion, and further provided they are not simply there to get the wrong end of the stick, pay for the bills and look at their meagre share of the profits I suspect they will want to include a passus that guarantees a certain number of productions in a certain number of years, say, four films in ten years or two films in five years with an option on one more within 24 months of the last premiere.

There’d be various ways to specify clauses and caveats, even to make room for unforeseen circumstances not within the powers of Eon or the actor playing 007.

The Sony example has been a most instructional case study and I severely doubt the industry didn’t draw its own conclusions from it.


I’d rather he makes another Mission Impossible. Apparently he will.


I just saw Fallout tonight and it’s a total knockout. The absolute best Mission: Impossible. The stuntwork and use of locations was astounding. Cruise and McQuarrie really raised the bar with this one after their already impressive turn with Rogue Nation.


Awesome that you got to see the movie. You’ve raised my excitement levels even further. I have to wait until next Thursday here in Australia - I’m seeing it straight after work. It’s about time there was a movie actually worth seeing that lived up to the hype. You can usually always trust Cruise to deliver the goods.


I’m looking forward to seeing it, but ala will not have time to see it in the cinema. Hope those lucky people who can make it enjoy it.


Now that the film has opened, I might have to avoid this thread to prevent spoilers. I had planned to see it today, but now I’m a volunteer at the USS WISCONSIN Battleship Museum, and I’ll be on board her today vice in the theater. Can’t wait to see it!!!


Not a review, and no spoilers. Very much focuses on CMQ and TC as production partners. There’s a bit near the start where CMQ says why he came back that just demonstrates how much he got this series and Cruise’s idea for it. Having watched just that featurette, I want to do a Mission Impossible marathon.


I wonder what Eon will learn from this - given that Fallout is enjoying the critical success of Skyfall and then some more.


Or Director!

There’s the possibility that BB’s already made plans with Nolan that he steer the next reboot after Craig’s departure (probably the first 2 Bond7 movies). Personally i think this is quite likely, though much can always change.

If hypothetically this were the case then i imagine Nolan will indeed have a big say in the re-casting decision (or may already have someone in mind). Cavil does seem to be becoming a shoe-in at this time, but he may not necessarily be Nolan’s cup of tea. Again, who knows!


Nolan was producer on the film that cast Cavill as Superman, and given its two follow ups had to give Nolan and Emma Thomas credits because of things brought over from MOS, I don’t see him complaining over Cavill.

Given Campbell was one of the people choosing Bond 6, I think it’s a safe assumption that for Bond 26 or 27, whichever sees a new Bond, it’s director will be involved in the choice.


Totally forgotten that Nolan produced superman, doh! Yep, you’re absolutely right, Cavil can be thought of as already part of the Nolan family.

In the right directorial hands cavil could be a good Bond (in the wrong hands he can be a little wooden). That’s not a meant as a criticism, just my unsolicited, uninformed opinion :slight_smile: I think he’s still learning his craft and has a lot of potential. Problem is that his education has imo been paused by doing superman - not much acting going on in those spandex cgi operas. I guess he’s now done a master class in spitting out god awful cliches without noticeably cringing.

Personally I’d like to see Cavil get a shot at it with someone of Nolan’s calibre at the helm. Not that it’d happen but I think mendes would really be the actors director that cavil needs to help him find a little stillness in his performance to balance all of that enthusiasm he obviously has. Looking forward to seeing him in M:I6


Thanks for that: that’s great. I can’t remember the last time I was this hyped to see a new film. I don’t think it was even the last Bond!


Cruise, via Mission Impossible, has filled a void that Bond hasn’t adequately addressed for a lot of people. He has brought a huge sense of energy and excitement, and this is coming from a Bond fan who likes the Craig era for the most part. Cruise has brought the stuntwork and sense of fun of the Moore era (freefalling without a parachute, skiing off a cliff, etc) into the modern day - CGI is shunned. The Mission Impossibe films are captivating people about the spy world again because SPY MOVIES at the core are about escapism. He has the seriousness without the heavy tone. Good on him, I’m not jealous one bit.


Watched it in IMAX last night. This is the real deal. From the tense opening gambit to the completely off the wall finale, this film has literally everything that drove most of us to the Bond films in the first place. This is a masterclass spy thriller that genuinely cares about the audience having a good time, and Cruise and co. succeed in spectacular fashion. It’s fast, slick, elegant, and never forgets to fire off a sly wink at the audience from time to time. I’ll be seeing it again ASAP. Bravo.


This was the impression I was getting from the trailers. Nice to see it corroborated.

Am seeing it on Sunday.

I have just watched a YouTube thing on Cruise challenging the Late Late show guy to a skydive. Quite funny. James Corden does it in a full space suit thing. Cruise jumps out in jeans and a jumper. He’s very cool.


Oh wow; I didn’t quite get it from your post- it’s a real skydive! Ha! And Cruise really is just in jumper and jeans. Blimey; he is extraordinary. We’ll not see the like of him again.


Some friends and I were discussing Cruise and his films, and also that he doesn’t drink or smoke.

I proffered the suggestion that if someone gets as many kicks and as huge adrenalin rushes from all the bikes he rides, planes he falls out of and stunts he performs, by contrast, a drink would be a very poor substitute.

I am not sure they got it, but it is a thought I stand by.


I’m going to an afternoon matinee today with my wife, who is almost as excited as me to see it. I’m really excited as I felt Rogue Nation set a new standard for the series. I’ll share my thoughts a bit later.


I’ve just posted my review over on the “What movie have you seen today?” thread. It’s spoiler free, but I decided to post it over there just in case readers of this thread want to maintain the surprises.

MI6 is appropriately the best Bond/spy movie made in the last decade. Believe the hype, it’s that good.


I can’t believe that I’ve been looking around and am yet to see a single review that isn’t extremely positive.