'Never Say McClory Again' Remastered in HD

Hello fellow Bond-fanciers.

An HD version of Never Say McClory Again, the ‘Eonised’ version of the 1983 OO7 film, Never Say Never Again, has been released.

While fundamentally the same edit as the original DVD version, several alterations have been made for the HD version:

NEW 1080p HD video sourced from the official Blu-ray
NEW custom gunbarrel
NEW main titles music - Phyllis Hayman
NEW main titles credits
NEW Dolby Digital 3.0 (L, C, R) soundtrack
NEW isolated stereo music track (Dolby Digital 2.0)
NEW end-titles music
NEW sound effects added in a couple of scenes
REJIGGED scenes x 3

For additional information about Never Say McClory Again, PM me.


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Ah! I hadn’t considered that aspect. Thanks for advising me.

Is this an official release?

Illegal. SO illegal.

We looked into it; it’s in the realm of fan creations.

Please excuse the inconvenience.

Thanks for resolving the problem.

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Okay. We’re looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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We have an open thread discussing this same problem.

If the requirements (as stated in that thread) truly do mean that you have to create 20 topics before getting DM privileges, then that’s going to trip things up. We just don’t create that many topics on here as the old days. I’m on here as much as anyone and I’m still at 0…

We are currently looking into the matter; there ought to be an option to customise requirements to our specific needs.