'Never Say McClory Again' Remastered in HD


Maybe the site admins could relax the sarcasm on saying how ‘rather large’ the non-existent message button is until then…


No sarcasm was ever intended. The message button does exist and is rather large.


You didn’t say it…?


Well, mtm, I’d say this probably is a case of perspective, no?

Sarcasm - perceived but unintended as well as genuine - aside: there was no reason to suspect that for you the button doesn’t exist. We are on the case and looking for a solution.


You don’t need to prove you can see it: I do believe that the mods can see it. What happens when you send me a message, out of interest?

I don’t want this to be a big thing, but also perhaps maybe only the person who made a post is able to say whether or not it was intended, no? If you say you can’t see a bus and I say “really? It’s massive and bright red” I think you know I’m taking the piss out of you.


If it helps - my laptop gives the same as Dustin (minus the admin bit) but the iPad doesn’t, so it may be the operating system that’s the problem.


It is at the moment not what we would like it to be, yes.


Being a sensible person myself, and also not given to theatrically blowing up things out of proportion, I would simply assume that you are an exceptionally kind person trying to introduce me to the concept of the bus. And I’d be very grateful for that.

On sober reflection you might arrive at a similar conclusion.


Again, no sarcasm was ever intended. And I don’t mean that ironically. Although pointing that out might already be perceived as irony again. So…

There is a message button. I apologize if you don’t see it yet. But I’m sure you will as soon as we will be able to work out that particular problem.

And I want to add that as a moderator I don’t have any intention to make fun of anyone posting here. Why should I?


Sounds like some sort OS issue to me. Granted, I’m no expert. I subscribe to Hulu and just around February 1st shortly after I got back from the UK, I went on and all I got was a blank screen. After a few days of this, I called customer support. Well, a major update was causing problems. My tablet runs Windows 10 and my desktop the same. The tablet uses preinstalled IE to browse and as its a surface pro 4 and works fine. The desktop I use chrome to browse. Well, some sort of glitch was only causing tablets with IE to be blocked. Same initially with chrome but only for an hour or less. All’s back to normal now, but it took about ten days for them to get it going. Apparently their upgrade conflicted with some coding element of IE’s last upgrade.

Anyway, I’m guessing this message thing is something similar on our end. The Admiral did do a major transfer/upgrade of some sort over a week ago, but, with the “new digs” only really up for just shy of eight months, there are still bound to be the odd hiccups which, as Moderators, we may be blind to from another perspective.

We’re on the trail of it though. Also, be sure to look right when crossing except is the USA because our busses are shorter and drive on the wrong side of the road.


From “The Loo Sanction”, Trevanian (Rodney Whitaker), 1973

“There! There they are!”

She followed his eyes to the hotel entrance. Through gaps in the traffic, she saw two men emerge and stand on the pavement, looking up and down the street. One of them was dressed oddly in flared trendy trousers, cowboy boots, and a longish, tight plaid sports jacket. The collar of his aloha shirt was folded over the jacket collar in the style of twenty-five years ago, and a bulky camera dangled from around his neck. The other man was tall and powerfully built. His bullet-shaped head was shaved, and there were deep folds of skin halfway up the back of his neck. He wore a thick turtleneck sweater under a tweed jacket, and gave the impression of a prizefighter, save for his large, mirror-faced sunglasses.


He changed the subject curtly. “Tell me, how would you describe the boss one. The one with the camera and the gaudy shirt?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. An American, I suppose. A tourist?”

“Not a tourist. Even in his excitement, he checked the traffic from right to left. As though he were used to driving on the left. Americans check it from left to right.”

“But the cowboy boots?”

“Yes. But the trousers were of British cut.”

“He did look odd, come to think of it. Like an American. But like an American in old movies.”

“Exactly my impression.”

“What does that tell you?” She leaned forward conspiratorially.

Jonathan smiled at her, suddenly amused by the tone of their conversation. “Nothing, really. Drink your coffee.”


Nice one glidrose! :rofl:


Mate: I’m honestly not talking about you. I’m just talking about what stromberg said; that’s all.


Well, you’d be being pretty naive then. Because I’ve already told you what I would be meaning by that! :slight_smile:

Us poor non-sensible people who are theatrically given to blowing things out of proportion (thanks for that, by the way) obviously understand what people mean a bit better than your sensible types.
C’mon guys: this is moderating? You’re not supposed to be trying to wind people up by insulting them. I’m really not interested in an argument about this; can we just leave it?


That would be the most sensible option, glad you made the trip in time…


Really want this, but don’t seem to be able to PM yet. And yes, i’ve read the hullabaloo above :slight_smile:


I have long been curious to see someone take on this task as a labor of love. It’s always seemed very doable. I’m very curious to see if it actually feels like an Eon production with those changes. I have my doubts but would still love to see the results.


I’ve seen the SD version and it’s actually quite good. I like NSNA normally, but it does feel a bit different with EoN music. It doesn’t exactly feel ‘official’ but it doesn’t feel ‘unofficial’ either. But then again, I never felt like NSNA was really that outside the canon anyway. Sean Connery being in the film goes a long way :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that I saw selected scenes where this was done, but I wasn’t aware of a complete version. What I saw was quite intriguing. I especially miss the classic musical cues and themes.


Saw the SD version of this some time ago;
definitely interested in the HD version (when the messaging issue is resolved!)