'Never Say McClory Again' Remastered in HD


Looking forward to it, but I did favor the use of Shirley Bassey’s ‘History Repeating’ over the main titles or the first version.


Bryce_003, it was with some thought that I replaced the Bassy/Propellorheads History Repeating with Phyllis Hayman’s Never Say Never Again; but the overwhelming bulk of feedback, in the decade since the SD version was first put out there, determined the change for the 2018 HD version. I had considered a third audio track which used History Repeating but couldn’t edit the song to smoothly fit the timeslot (I cannot bear clumsy song-edits or just fading-out a song to ‘make it fit’).

The only gripe I have with the song in the new version of the main titles is that the ‘film title’ credit doesn’t coincide with an appropriate spike in the music. No matter how I edited the main-titles, the ‘solution’ caused more problems for the smooth visual flow of Binder’s titles.

Feedback for the HD version has been wholly positive but I haven’t yet received enough feedback to properly gauge a general perspective.



Fair enough and editing around pre-existing footage can be a chore that I’ve languished through in many other projects over the years. Not easy by any means. Cheers for the effort and I can appreciate your logic.