News on BOND 25


Again, he doesn’t say he will. But he doesn’t deny it. And since he is such a high profile-actor now, he would easily deny it. Wouldn’t he? (It starts at 3:10)


Great interview, again proving he’s a very intelligent guy. Impossible to tell if he was being coy about Bond, which seemed to be Kimmels interpretation, or simply acknowledging that they’ll say anything on the internet (those darned forum gossips).

What’s for certain imo is that he’d be a great asset to any Bond pic - a great villain, wasted if not central to the plot. And if not now, then at some point it seems a fair bet that will happen.

The notion that he’s not physically intimidating enough is a strange one to me which doesn’t seem to appreciate how Bond villains work…! Physically intimidating big bads are for Jean Claude Van Damme and Stallone movies. Bond movies are a very different beast.

When bond villains don’t deliver it’s not because they didn’t enbody enough physical threat, it’s because they didn’t emote enough psychological, intellectual and emotional threat (or sometimes because the script sabotaged this existential threat). It comes down to script and acting chops, rather than stunt coordination and fisticuffs.

The bottom line on the ‘should the villain fight or have henchmen’ debate for me is… Just write a great script is ‘all’ I ask that makes internal sense of who does what and why; whichever iterration of the formula that happens to be I couldn’t care less.

Btw, when McQuarrie gets bored of doing the MI movies, or when they reboot post Cruise, then they should pay Esmail whatever he wants to take over.


Esmail writing/directing Bond? I would love to see that!


Me too, but I don’t see Eon being the types to hand over the amount of control he would want. MI on the other hand…


One of the prime examples for this type of villain is Andrew Scott’s Moriarty in “Sherlock”. Honestly, who had him on the list for being more than a throwaway character (let alone as the uber villain Moriarty), just being there for Sherlock to poke fun at him and Molly, when he was first introduced as Hoopers wannabe boyfriend? And what a fantastic villain he was…


Even people who were working with Scott at the time didn’t know who he was. A friend of mine was working with him on a stage show at the time and she told me to look out for one her co-stars in a small role in Sherlock, then when THAT reveal happened, she sent me a text saying “that little b******! he kept THAT quiet”


My Enemy’s Enemy?


Daniel is looking in great shape. When does shooting start again? I know it’s soon.


I’ve been mooting Viggo for years on here as a great Shaw/Connery-esque villainous match for Craig.

Of course this photo-op doesn’t mean that’s hapenning, but I can dream, can’t I?


I was getting ready to post the same sentiment, odd-jobbies!


You don’t suppose Christolph Waltz had plastic surgery at the hands of Rami Malek (Dr. Shatterhand) and changed into Viggo Mortensen, do you? Just a fun thought.


He could change into Rami Malek. There is this thing called gene therapy, right? Saw it in some movie.


Not a bad idea, but I feel like they’ve already rinsed that one with DAD.


I really should read all of the replies before rushing to respond :roll_eyes:


Not that I think this is a serious suggestion, but I’d argue that DAD was in the Brosnan outlandish era (of invisible cars and surfing tidal waves), and Craig’s era is grounded more on realism and more traditional approaches, if that makes sense.


Well… I wouldn’t really consider Craig´s era employing more realism. It´s just a different kind of fantasy world.


Bronson? Charles Bronson? He played Bond? :stuck_out_tongue:


Eon certainly had a Death Wish when they signed off on that tsunami :wink:


Well, he was trying to make The Great Escape from that laser beam that was almost a Red Sun. Still he gave it his all - he didn’t Telefon it in…(alright Plank, enough…!!)


I agree with that, Craig’s era has included some of the most outlandish stunts of the entire series: Bond falling off the train in Skyfall, freefalling from the plane and deploying the parachute a split second before hitting the ground in QoS to name a few.


Yves Girard is the assistant stunt coordinator…