News on BOND 25


I hope they will keep the plot details secret, J.J. Abrams-style, so we can experience the story with no important prior knowledge.

But I would also hope they will throw us some bones about the cast and crew - and a title which will keep us guessing instead of pinning down what everything is all about.

Which makes me think: how much better would the reveal have been if SPECTRE had been given another title, something that would not have already winked at us saying: of course, Blofeld will be in it.


I can’t help but feel that if someone from the media were to break into the EON offices looking for information on Bond they’d walk right past the file marked ‘Everything on Bond 25’ and go searching for the one marked ‘Next Bond Casting’.


In which they’d find nothing but (_😒_/


Let’s see what happens…


The rumor related to this that I’ve heard is that Norway will be announced as a location. While that would be great, I’m taking this with a huge grain of salt.


Is location huge?


Not to my mind, no. But for tabloids like the Express who seem to be reporting anything they can on Bond 25, sure? Like I said, huge grain of salt here.


If Norway is announced as location and you’re Norwegian, then location is huge


Apparently, Gregg Wilson has been in Cadiz locating for Bond 25… I’m Spanish :slight_smile:

Cadiz was a stand-in for Cuba in DAD, now it would be a stand-in for Tunisia.


I’m Northern Irish, I’m currently in the way of of a colonialist unicorn…i’m good,


I’ll go the whole hog! Title, synopsis and cast announced tomorrow…

I know, I’m setting myself up for disappointment :cry:


Norway would be good, but indeed, let’s wait and see.


It seems odd that EON would put something major out on a Friday.

Very much doubting that we’ll hear anything other than more unsubstantiated rumors.



Well, that sounds great.

I just hoped for, um, even major news…


Well that was pretty much a whole lot of nothing…:expressionless: I had tried to not get my hopes up too much but it really makes sense that if any sort of MAJOR Bond 25 news was going to be released, you’d think that more than just one fan site would be in on it. But still on the upside, Yay Norway!! I wonder if we have any Norwegian CBNers who by chance will be close to any of the locations once filming has started and can give us clandestine updates like we’ve had in the past…:thinking::grin:


Ken Adam style secret submarine base in a fjord pleaseeeeee🙏


I still hope for a secret facility either at the top or embedded in a fjord, requiring Bond to mountain climb to attack.


Ever since I visited Norway, I wanted the Oslo Opera House to be featured in a Bond film. I could see a fun foot chase happening around this building, maybe even leading to a water chase.


Unused ideas from early TSWLM drafts?