News on BOND 25


Thing is, he says he wants to go on a high note. So…that´s promising, I think. After all these years, one still can’t tell. Added pressure, I´d say. Let´s see what comes of it.


Absolutely. But with P&W at the helm of that writing boat… alone, adrift…


Don’t worry, there’ll be another hand to steady them.


It certainly adds to the pressure, no doubt. But in all fairness BOND 25 will have to meet huge expectations anyway. Regardless how you look at it, it will be a tough deal.

Also telling: Craig wants to go on a high note - which implies SPECTRE isn’t (at least in his view) what he wants to see as curtains to his time as 007. That’s close to admitting the result didn’t satisfy him, something we’ve only heard from Waltz up to now.


Yes, I think this is a huge statement. I genuinely believe that Craig cares about quality and Bond 25 will likely be the movie that really encapsulates his tenure as Bond. I’m excited about everything with the exception of Purvis and Wade, but willing (hoping) to be surprised.


I was speaking about the movie in its entirety, not one 30 second scene.

Even though that fight is fine, it’s a bit artsy, and it pales in comparison to the embassy scene, Carlos fight, stairwell fight, Venice finale, Mitchell fight, and Slate fight.

Yes, the scene you bring up is good, but it is nowhere near as visceral as any of the things I just mentioned.


That´s true. We always suspected Craig wasn’t through the roof with SP, but now we have indirect confirmation. One can only hope that he has had a learning curve throughout his tenure, with clarity enough to guide his input on the next one.


I think that’s why they laid off that style of fighting for SF and SP. They had already done two movies full of it. It was time to change it up and do something different. A one take fight certainlly did that. The fight with Mr. Hinx was a step back towards the brutality of Craig’s first two film. Perhaps they’ll give us one more brutal throw down for Craig’s last film.


I certainly hope they do.


Yup. Let’s not forget, its BOND25, (yet another “anniversary” movie) there’ll be loads of brouhaha around it. Expectations will hit the roof.

(Those wo intend to go to the Premiere, better start saving your pennies and dimes now.)

I can only urge everyone to be careful and not jump the gun on everything in times when producing fake news has not only become some kind of trend sport but has reached a certain level of professionalism. But then again, the Bond fan community has been used (and prone) to this for decades :roll_eyes:

When in doubt:


How exactly is Bond 25 an anniversary movie?


It’s the 25th. Silver anniversary.


25 films in a single series is amazing and kinda of crazy when you step back and look at it. I can’t imagine what it might be like when they make Bond 50 with the 12th or 13th actor to play Bond. Crazy.


The 25th film will be a milestone, but 2019 isn’t an anniversary year for the Bond franchise. An anniversary is so many years, not so many things.


I can’t even imagine what it might be like when they make Bond 30. That alone seems like such a big number.

It feels like just a couple years ago that Bond 20 was released-- now the series has increased by 20% since then (25% come Bond 25).


You may have a point there, but where I come from, the 25th “thing” gives as much reason for celebration as the 25th year. Besides, we won’t have a choice, anyway. It’s a perfect marketing tool.

You’ve been around long enough to remember the fuss about DAD being the 20th (even referenced it in the movie). But then again, it was also the 40th anniversary…


The “jellyfish” fight with Patrice in SF was pretty good. But agree on the fights in SP . Not so good.


25 will be milked as a milestone, definitely, and the coinciding return for his last Bond film was probably used as an additional incentive for Craig: this is the best way to finish the cycle.

I hope they won’t overdo the hommage thing, though. I’d rather have them focus only on the Craig era, tieing things together more persuasively than SPECTRE did.


I’m up for Waltz coming back, but only if there’s more menace to his Blofeld. I didn’t hate him, but I thought the performance was kind of bland. There’s exciting, untapped potential with this character and his organisation.


Make no mistake, they will do everything they can to make as much fuss about this film as possible.

The 25th James Bond film? Check.
Daniel Craig’s 5th and final Bond film? Check
End of an era? Check
New distributors? Check
New director? Check