NO TIME TO DIE first trailer (spoiler-free discussion) - Poll added

For anyone who wants to keep their discussion spoiler-free after the first trailer drops tomorrow (Wednesday), please stick to this thread.


Thanks Vauxhall

  • Love the trailer, very excited now
  • Like the trailer, pretty excited now
  • Ho hum, but will obviously see the film anyway
  • That’s put me off a bit, but will obviously see the film anyway
  • Take it outside and whack it over the head with a shovel then bury it deep, but will obviously see the film anyway

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Any chance this thread too can be merged with the other spoiler free thread?

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Actually I’d rather have them separate. Reasons: there are fans wanting to stay entirely free of anything whatsoever, even the trailer. I suppose this may be a minority, yet if we merge these two we’d keep them out entirely.

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Are you saying the trailer will not get discussed ever, in the other spoiler free thread…?1

I expect some of the discussion to move over here. As we close in on the film’s premiere the spoiler-free threads will naturally become less and less relevant. If one isn’t entirely averse to spoilers it doesn’t make much difference what’s discussed on the spoiler-free threads. Vice versa the really sensitive fans who need their niche protected.

Trailer goes live in 30 minutes

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They’re going to be doing it in Times Square. That’s something…

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“Welcome, James. It’s been a long time… and finally, here we are.”



Looks fantastic. Love the lake/ice scene coming after Skyfall’s lake/fire scene.

Bloody hell

Wow, I am speechless. This looks like an all time great Bond movie.

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Wow! Superb.

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Wow. Just wow. I’m gonna miss Craig after this one.

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Visually this looks fantastic!

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Spectacular. And potentially a bit spooky.

Looks great - surprised it leans so heavily on the Spectre elements with the story elements it lets out - but visually looks great and seems like it could be a really interesting film

Wow! Wow! Wow! Realy fantastic!!

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