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Nice fan trailer:


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Or fifty years in the future. George Lazenby mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, so I looked it up:

From Fleming:

‘Orders of the Day’. Instead, a new code-word for the operation, known only to an essential handful of senior officers, would be issued. It would be ‘CORONA’.

Finally, the personal dangers to Bond himself were discussed. There was total respect for Blofeld at Headquarters. Nobody questioned his abilities or his ruthlessness. If Bond’s true identity somehow became known to Blofeld, Bond would of course instantly be liquidated. … In conclusion, the Chief of Staff said he considered the whole operation ‘a lot of bezants’ and that ‘Bezants’ would have been a better code-word than ‘Corona’. However, he wished Bond the best of luck and said, cold-heartedly, that he would instruct the Technical Section to proceed forthwith with the devising of a consignment of explosive snowballs for Bond’s protection.

From EON’s script:

Blofeld: Oh, I doubt that. In any case, no one is coming to your rescue, Mr. Bond. In a few short hours, the United Nations will receive a Yuletide greeting. The information that I now possess the scientific means to control… or to destroy, the economy of the whole world. People will have more important things to think about than you.

Bond: If they believe your threat.

Blofeld: [chuckles, sits] Oh, they will. In any case, I have prepared a demonstration. Remember that… disagreeable outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in England, last summer? [lights a cigarette] Well, I shall instruct them, in very convincing terms, exactly how I arranged that. And my capacity has improved, since.

Bond: Allergy vaccines? [pause] Bacteria. Bacteriological warfare.

Blofeld: With a difference. Our great breakthrough since last summer has been the confection of a certain “Virus Omega”.


Eon was referring to Foot and Mouth disease that actually happened in summer ‘67 in the U.K. and neighbouring areas of Europe.

History of humanity says this scale of pandemic was “when” not “if”