No Time to Die theme song

I suspect one month prior. Maybe she debuts it at the Grammys!

Spectre opened Oct 26 in the UK and Writings on the Wall seems to have showed up (music video posted) October 5th - so I would suspect around March sometime before a big TV performance sometime around April release date

My girlfriend is a huge fan of Eilish and introduced me to her stuff. I’ve never really followed music so I was genuinely surprised they went with someone I’ve heard of an actually like. Put me down as pleasantly surprised an optimistic.


Weren’t we all huge Bond fans when we were 18? Yes, just probably not singers and songwriters. Looking forward to hearing her.

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And I’m actually starting to reverse my initial impression - the more I listen to her album the more I like it.

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Both his monologue and the video take were hilarious.

And I am betting (admittedly nothing more tangible than some loose words) this song will be superb.

Great fun. Thanks!
Will definitely pass this video along…

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My current favourite of the diminutive and preposterously talented popstrel is this.

A quirky little number, it beats along at a nice clip.

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Not my kind of thing. It’s not utterly bad, but it clearly sounds like something inconsequential a teenager would do while playing around with a music app in her bedroom.
Let’s hope they’ll hire real songwriters for the Bond song.


Pretty sure that was already decided per the announcement: it’s her and her brother, her usual collaborator, writing it.

“We are excited to announce that Billie and FINNEAS have written an incredibly powerful and moving song for No Time To Die , which has been impeccably crafted to work within the emotional story of the film,” said producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Yes. And from what I hear from them, I do hope they’ll get help for writting the Bond song.
I’m all for fresh talent and new voices; I’m just worried that if those 2 do what I’ve heard so far, it won’t fit.

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you’ll be surprised how much a good production and orchestra can make something sound Bond-esque, wouldn’t worry too much yet


the emotional story of the film”… Here they go again! Even for the title song they have to hammer that wording ad nauseam.

Gosh! Since when did Bond become a drama genre? Traditionally they went for “adventure and excitement”, or stuff like that.

Oh well, I’ll just drink 3 or 4 Martinis before going into the theatre; that should help me see only the bright side of it all…


Since a man was tortured with a carpet beater before his girlfriend committed suicide.


You win the internet today


I think some of the best bond themes introduce the villain, setting them up, along with the film’s tone (think GF).

After all the villain is the one thing that initiates each story.

Billie’s sound seems to chime very well with Malek, meek, but sinister presence.

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In 1953 so…

It‘s just a matter of perspective.

At first I was hoping for a big voice, belting out a traditional tune, too.

But really, wouldn’t that feel anachronistic now? Times have changed, Bond has to change with them, otherwise he will become an irrelevant relic.

And frankly, when McCartney wrote LALD the traditionalists were appalled, too.

Embrace change. That‘s the only way to open oneself for new experiences. It might be disappointing but it might also be exciting!