No Time to Die theme song

Good thing her tour is going until July at least!

Hopefully that’s the only thing pouring out of their mouths.

Frankly i’m at a loss as to how these folk justify attending such an event at this time, or why the organisers think it responsible to go ahead with it. I wonder…!
$$$ > :mask:


Why shouldn’t they want to see the film in November?

The song is hot now. By November, that might not be the case. I am around young people on a daily basis. When something is hot (trending) they respond. When something is old (and for that age, six months is old) they tend to lose interest. Let’s hope they reignite come November, because Bond would benefit from a shot in the arm from that age group.

Florida… home of Matt Gaetz

It’s this type of story that makes me think that if there is indeed a god, he has a wicked since of humor.

Perhaps they could release a remix to get us excited once again!

I’d suggest Heavy Disco getting the gig. They remixed The Who and Kate Bush and imho they’re even better than the originals:

The Who - Eminence Front… It doesn’t get going until 1min and then really gets going at 3.15…

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill…

Then there’s my favourite remix of all time, Riders On The Storm by Infected Mushroom

I’m sure we’ll get a straight up re-release of NTTD, but they could do a lot worse than get some of these geniuses to give us a new ‘B-side’ (if such a thing can still exist).

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Really nice remixes, especially Riders on the Storm.

Chance of it happening is close to zero I reckon, but you never know.

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At least, EON, MGM and Universal have copious time to plan.

Yet another great cover!


Must be the most boring song ever when not even double bass and shred guitar can save you…

You sure do like to lurk in this thread to remind everyone how much you dislike it. I think we get the point.


The trolls have to eat too…

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The melody is nice to my ears, but the song really comes alive with Billie’s voice, which is an instrument of its own. Everything is tailor made to her style and it really works. The “fool me once, fool me twice” refrain is without doubt one of my favourite hooks from the franchise.


I like both versions, but that has a more up tempo energy.

That is a pretty good cover. Probably the best one yet.

Each cover makes me appreciate the original a little more :sunglasses:

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I`m sorry if I have offended you by disliking something that they slapped on the new entry of my favorite franchise…

Didn´t realise that you were the new taste police here. I will of course ask you the next time before I post something.

Saucer of milk anyone?