No Time To Die - Trailer #2 (spoilers discussion)


I can comfortable say I never expected anything like that missile launch. Awesome stuff.

Loving Fukunaga’s visual sensibility coming though, even in those 10 seconds


Those snippets get the blood flowing. Tomorrow needs to get here fast.

Hell yes! Very excited now! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow!

Bloody Marvelous! Also, are we hearing some of Zimmer’s take on the theme with this? If so, I greatly approve.


I think the woman to the left of Bond in the last shot is Dr. Vogel…


Screen cap gallery for those wanting a closer look!

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Grief, I would not have wanted to be the stunt man on the receiving end of Ana’s high healed kicks.

The stilettos…

It’s her, she’s in that scene. In the December trailer, you can see her in the scene when Bond is surrounded by Spectre agents, walking backwards. She’s standing right behind him, there. Confirmed by Brigitte Millar herself, when she talked to some members of the German club who met her at a convention in London.
She wasn’t allowed to talk very much about the movie, but she mentioned that she wore (at least) two different hairstyles, so she might be back for more than this one scene.


I believe it is Zimmer’s score, Bryce. It definitely has his sound which I recognize from some of the other films he’s done.

That looks like a RN Type 45 DDG firing missiles!!! Sweet!!!

That’s exactly what I thought… Really sugary!

A lot of new stuff, even in this 10 second teaser. Can’t wait for the new trailer.

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That puts it at 7 am in New Orleans. I’ll be able to watch it about 50 times before work.

Can’t wait. Those 10 seconds look brilliant.

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The cinematography and overall look is breathtaking.


Just a heads up - someone on the Bond subreddit saw it ahead of Tenet last night and is claiming there’s ‘one big spoiler’…

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