Profile picture

Are there any options for profile picture besides Gravatar, like uploading a jpeg? I’m unfamiliar with Gravatar and don’t know how it works. Specifically, I wouldn’t want to use a photo of a Bond villain as my regular photo for anything outside of here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Would love to be able to say something different, but unfortunately: No.

Thanks for the reply. For my information, where else does Gravatar share the photo you’re using? I wouldn’t mind using it so long as people outside this site aren’t seeing a Bond villain as a stand-in for me – it might give people the wrong impression LOL.

I first had the same reservations. But from what I understand, your Gravatar image will only appear in those forums and networks that you specifically link to it. There’s no “global” profile pic that would appear in each and every thing you’re connected to. Actually, my profile pic only appears here. So “the only question remains: will you yield, in time?” :wink:


I second that. Initially we would have liked to have alternatives to Gravatar. But so far we haven’t had any complaints, it does what it should very well.