Question about a necktie

I purchased a black tie with white 007 logos on it from eBay a couple of years ago, and it said it was from the premier screening of LTK.

I have seen several others on ebay since, saying the same thing, but cant find out any info about it. Does anyone know if they were given away, or sold and at what screenings? Thanks in advance

Can’t comment on that, but I also have a 007 necktie- red on black - from the MGM Grand gift shop in Las Vegas.

A picture would be helpful.


This is it

Doesn’t help as much as I hoped. I know someone who has a tie that might have been the same, so I could have asked him. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Okay, thanks anyway, here is a picture of the back of it s-l400 (1)

This is my other bond tie, from marks and sparks. I have a 007 tie clip too, that I wear with both Ties. s-l400 (2)