RIP - Paying Respects to those we've Lost

“What is it that you do, Mr. Abaddon?”

“I help people get to where they’re supposed to be.”

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He was such a brilliant actor. This is a hard loss.

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Lance Reddick was a great actor and an even greater person. He was a big presence in video games as well, playing big roles in Destiny 2 and the Horizon series. He left us too soon. RIP

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"Lomis oversaw the distribution of several 007 films including Daniel Craig’s swan song, “No Time to Die,” as well as the Pierce Brosnan cannon “Goldeneye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough” and “Die Another Day” to name a few in a decades long working relationship with Eon Productions’ Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

Lomis was the first distribution exec in Hollywood to pivot and protect “No Time to Die” from Covid, foreseeing the pandemic’s impact on global exhibition before other studios followed suit. Lomis held tight on the film, championing continually for the pic’s future theatrical release over any options for a streaming or theatrical-day-and-date PVOD release. No Time to Die was the fourth highest grossing movie of 2021 making over $774M worldwide. Lomis was also the host and a key organizer of Broccoli and Wilson’s tribute at last fall’s 2022 Pioneer Dinner.

The 007 franchise producer and Eon Productions Chief Barbara Broccoli shares with Deadline tonight, “We are absolutely devastated by the sudden loss of our dearest and most loyal friend Erik Lomis. He was a fierce supporter of theatrical distribution and handled each film with passion and care. He is irreplaceable. A part of the industry has died with him today.”


In addition to the tragedy of his sudden death the industry has lost a true force of support for filmmakers, and this will affect EON in a huge way.


He seems like one of the last sort of distributors that UA was built to be. We’re being increasingly left with “reality” tv loving bankers thinking of nothing but the money they can make.


A true talent.