Teaser Trailer Anticipation – Your Hopes and Worries

I remember when the Spectre teaser went online, at I believe midnight. I was holidaying in Spain so stayed up till 1am to watch it. I was pleased I’d stayed up for it, but don’t remember being wowed.

Cut to now. Sometime very soon, we will get a polished glimpse into what No Time To Die will deliver. Over on the spoiler board there seems to be a positive vibe, especially for the recent stint of European filming. And I’m sure the stunts will be as good as we have come to expect etc.

My main worry is for the story. The cinematography and stunts can be as good as you like, but if the story does not hold true, it’s kinda game over for me. So tell me, what are your thoughts on the impending trailer? Excitement? Concern? What do you want confirmed or proven not to be the case?

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I’d say; teaser trailers are mood setters, rarely if ever do they give story, which is understandable given they don’t know at this point exactly what story points will make the film’s final cut. More than a few films have entire subplots and characters removed between filming and the film’s release.

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True. I suppose I’m hoping for some early signposting towards some things and away from other things (hard to talk about without getting spoilery lol).

The story is a definite concern - but then again, we’re talking about genre fare where even very successful and/or satisfying films can show huge holes in their - not plot but…inner logic. Think Goldfinger revealing his plans to a room full of soon-to-be corpses. And snuffing out one of them separately for reasons of…we don’t know.

Stuff like this happens time and again in films, yet it doesn’t always concern us or kick disbelief back in. The most recent example would be Bond killing Lucia‘s husband on Dench‘s orders and then exfiltrating her from Rome, all of which only makes sense if Lucia had been in contact with M and asked for a 00 divorce, but the film doesn’t even hint to it.

Still, that is not a big problem of SPECTRE and few people will cite this as a reason they don’t like it. Just as few people will really mind the odd behaviour of Goldfinger 50 years earlier. We’re inclined to forgive holes and illogical events if the whole package is to our liking: the pace of the tale, the artistic vision and its execution, the performance of the actors, photography and so on.

For NO TIME TO DIE I‘m cautiously optimistic: they will have learned a bit from the shortcomings of the last entry and try to improve on these in the current production. I don’t think it will come to another retrofit, but some character(s) may find their scope expanded. Other less popular elements will perhaps be left untouched. In effect only a minority in the audience will even remember the Blofeld backstory, especially since it was just told and never shown. It was a stupid little detail in a large stupid world and nobody will notice its absence.

Since in all likelihood this will be Craig’s final entry it’s safe to say everybody wants to give this one their best. Not that they didn’t want to last time - when it was, in all likelihood, Craig’s last before - it just didn’t work out.

I‘d even argue Boyle’s departure was a positive thing. It showed Eon are still keeping a firm grasp on their property - rather them than the army of I-know-so-much-better-with-my-liftime-experience-of-being-A-FAN-AND-WRITING-IN-CAPS types. It showed they were still able to come up with plan B fast enough to not wreck BOND 25’s entire schedule. And finally it also pointed out they were not willing to just do anything to their franchise merely for the sake of Boyle’s artistic clout.

None of this would be the case if they were really as struck with existential ennui as we sometimes suspect. Eon is not the new kid on the block, they hardly have to prove a lot any more. This film is going to decide the future of the franchise in one way or the other, also with regards to future studio partners.

Given all of the above I expect NO TIME TO DIE aims high and must at least on paper show the potential to satisfy expectations.


My only concern going into it is the plot, where they said something about a dangerous new technology. I just don’t want it to be too sci-fi, like DAD. Nothing particularly wrong with that, it’s just not the type of plot I enjoy for my Bond’s…

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Given how closely under wraps they’ve managed to keep everything so far, I would be very surprised if the teaser gave away too much. They’ll have to walk a fine line between keeping Malek’s character mysterious, but also giving him enough prominence to use his stature to draw people in.

I don’t have any worries for the trailer. To be perfectly honest, I’ll be happy with whatever we see. It just has to excite the fanbase and create buzz.


It hasn’t happened and likely won’t but a full rendition of the Bond theme would be nice. Skyfall and Spectre almost got there with the theatricals but it’s be cool to hear in a teaser.

I have a bunch that, like Skyfall, the teaser won’t show the villain except perhaps in shadow.

The Spectre teaser misrepresented what Spectre is. My hope is that No Time To Die’s teaser won’t do that.

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Shocking confession: I don’t watch Bond films for their plot. I only want them to take me on an adventurous journey, holding me spellbound, entertaining me from start to finish.

I also believe EON wants to and needs to wow with this film, just to shake off the naysayers and create fresh and money-laden excitement for future business dealings. So far the vibes are hope-inducing.

But rest assured: the teaser will excite some, leave some utterly disappointed and have others say “meh”.

It is just the way the world works.


How? It’s just the scene with Mr. White with bookend dialogue. Those are definitely in the film.

Bond films have a plot?

I do think people wanting to know the film’s plot from a TEASER trailer, are setting themselves up for disappointment.


Spoiler Alert: There will be stunts. And a villain Bond is chasing and being chased by.

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And a conversation with someone early on to set up the excuse between set pieces…I mean plot.

On a serious note, I imagine we’re going to get a bit of early Felix dialogue as narration to set the mood they’re aiming for.

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Felix: You think you can just disappear? People like us only disappear when we die.

Bond looks at him, with a bitter smile.

Bond: I have died already. Five years ago.

Felix: You only think you have. You only need a reason to rise again. And I have the perfect one for you.

Cue the MGM logo…

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Bring yourself back online

Westworld fans will get that…


I just hope the teaser trailer is as energetic and as cool as the behind the scenes sequence Fukunga did earlier this year.

Felix: I need your help, James!

Bond: I’m retired!

Felix: It’s about Madeline Swann… and Vesper.

Bond is taken off guard momentarily, but his ambivalence soon returns:

Bond: They’re both dead. Seems like everyone’s dead, except us.

Felix: And Blofeld!

Bond grins wryly at something which has just dawned on him…

Bond: I did this to Mathis - made him step back into the game. I left his dead body in a dumpster. After all this time why should I volunteer to die?

Felix: You need a reason?


The teaser gave off a much creepier vibe. It made it seem as if we were in for a far more surreal experience. However, what we got was a slapstick comedy at times, with a plot run by Dr. Evil.