Tenet (2020); Christopher Nolan

Following Kingsman: The Great Game and Bond 25, Christopher Nolan is adding a third spy film to the mix.

warner Bros said Wednesday that shooting has begun on Tenet , which is now officially the title of Christopher Nolan’s secretive next movie. It also has added Michael Caine, Dunkirk ‘s Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Clémence Poésy to and ensemble cast topped by John David Washington along with Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki.

I’m excited for this, particularly with all of the Bond connections Nolan’s work already has. This thread will mostly be keeping track of any news that surfaces regarding Tenet, but, as for now, that is just the dictionary definition of the tenet (a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy)

Speculation; Though most press WILL assume Bond like, I suspect, with a title like that, Tenet may lean more towards Le Carre or The Ipcress File.


Sounds great. Globetrotting and espionage - what’s not to like!

Music to my ears…though I would point out that even that description is vague. Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy have those elements front and centre, so we still kinda know nothing about this film. Such a nice change of style from Disney’s heavy handed marketing.

Also; No Tom Hardy! Given his characters in Inception, TDKR and Dunkirk all had Bond cited as influences, it’s surprising, and possibly telling, that Nolan’s normal Bondesque go to is not present.

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Hoyte van Hoytema as director of photography too.

I’m so shocked, Michael Caine in a Chris Nolan movie? What a twist!

The real shocker is it’s produced by Emma Thomas.

Gotta love the tabloids.

I’m very happy with the situation. While I love Nolan’s work I don’t necessarily think he’s the right fit for Bond at this time. I said a while ago he was better off following the example of Spielberg and creating his own action-adventure film instead. When Spielberg was denied Bond he gave us Indiana Jones, I can’t wait to see what Nolan comes up with.

In a world where people like to say ‘Hollywood is out of ideas’ I’m glad to see someone like Nolan is able to build anticipation with an original concept. A far better use for his talents than rebooting another franchise.

“They follow us, we follow them. It’s a sort of understanding we have”

Is it me, or does this line sum up the current relationship between EON and Syncopy?

Our beloved Mr. Bond is featured, though not the film I expected.

On a Tenet related set of articles…

And if you thought Bond 25 was being down to the wire with things being locked in, clearing of Tenet having use of a road for an extensive shoot only occurred after they arrived to film.

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Great list, imho!

It’s no surprise that there seems to be an inclination towards sci-fi, but there’s also a love of War movies.

Many make me want to rewatch them, such as Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (haven’t seen this engaging oddity for 30 years) and Koyaanisqatsi (i’d previously preferred the competition, Baraka).

Some i need to get around to: Topkapi and Bad Timing. I’m ashamed to say that i wasn’t aware of Welles’ Mr Arkadin, but it sounds very intriguing.

And i’m pleased to see an obscure personal favourite of mine, The Hit on there, which i’ve been meaning to rewatch recently.

It’s indeed slightly surprising to not see OHMSS as his Bond choice. Perhaps TSWLM is in his view the perfect ‘Bond movie’, as opposed to OHMSS being the movie, or story likes the most. Or maybe his tastes have simply shifted.

Or could he be angling to allay any fears of Bond fans and producers that he’d try to reinvent the wheel with his reboot, but instead be happy to shoot a crowd pleaser?


Nolan is on record as saying (paraphrased) “One of the first films I remember seeing was The Spy Who Loved Me”. We all tend to consider our first Bond film in high regard because it ignited our passion for the series. Thunderball was my first Bond theatre experience at age 10. It’s not my top film, but it remains a favorite.


I get you, it’s The World Is Not Enough for me.

For my son, it is GoldenEye. But he admits the game added to that in a great deal.

T’was a good game.

Mine was Tomorrow Never Dies.

For Your Eyes Only for me


There’s a thread in of itself on this (actually quite slight) tangent.

Sorry, didn’t mean to steer this in another direction, just making a point why I thought Nolan held TSWLM in such high regard.