The Lounge of Solace

The new Lounge of Solace ™.

Even has that new paint smell. Just as well 'cos the movie still stinks.

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The mods have been busy. Thanks to whoever remembered to bring the “Baron Samedi-designed fireplace” from the old main annex. The leather-embossed chairs are here as are the green leather wing chairs.

So too is our old triple-seated banquette by the French windows made entirely out of beaver. Or so says Zorin Industries. He claims he was there when it was stuffed. “1978. It was a Tuesday.”

The contractors have already begun installing the Buckingham panelling from the old place.

The Tosca-dominated jukebox is here but all the wiring is out. Hope it can be salvaged.

Don’t know if the new basement has room for the two firing ranges we had at the old place…

Ah! The extremely stale peanut packet dispenser is here. Best before date 03-05-2009. Blech.

Now if only someone had bothered to stock the new bar…

As I’m the only one here I don’t think management will mind if I put up these “no smoking” signs. Filthy habit. Don’t know why they allowed it at the old place.

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You know, I constantly walked by the old place, just never had the time to stop in. The old owner used to rave on about it. Perhaps with the re-launch and all, I’ll make time.

Granted, I’m sure I’d have to leave the trench and AK-47 with coat check…

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Smoking wasn’t allowed at the old place either. That greenish stink came off the parcel the Bellona Club asked us to take care of. They wanted to send somebody to collect it. Well, can’t blame them for forgetting about it. Anyway, the Bellona Club has been an affiliate for the longest time now…

By the by, a really ‘sharp’ lady’s shoe was found amidst the inner machinations of the juke box. I strongly urge members to pursue their more personal pastimes with discretion and a modicum of taste. We will not tolerate any more blood traces on the floors, the wallpaper or the ceiling either. It’s perfectly possible to spend an evening in inspiring company and not spill buckets of bodily fluids.

In our aim to reflect a certain degree of diversity in the amusement of our members, Mahler will now be added to the repertoire of the juke box. Please direct suggestions for further additions to Captain Boldman.

The sommelier informs me 12 bottles of Mouton Cadet seem to have fallen victim to our move. Or rather the contents, since the bottles are still intact; only the wine is missing. Instead, they seem to contain what the sommelier described to me as ‘Bullmer’s cider’. This is patently not funny.

The shooting range is now located on the roof, to the right side of the helipad. The architect argued it’s much less trouble this way since we need not pull all the stray bullets from the walls any more. Well, we’ll see how this arrangement fares under a reality check…

But you are so wrong! Guy Haines pulled strings to avoid the smoking ban…

Got me there.

Will have to have a few words with Guy then…


Due to an enforced sabbatical in the Sudan and a rather kneejerk-y court ruling from the Buckinghamshire County Courts, CATCHING BULLETS has not been able to stock up the cellar or do the cash and carry run of a Tuesday. But I see - a bit like Cato in THE REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER - that others have got their managerial hands in a few pies here whist the cat has been away. And apparently Daniel Craig has made at least two more James Bond movies and is prepping a third whilst CATCHING BULLETS has been MOA.

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Exposed eletrical wiring… lots of cobwebs… no booze… dirty glasses… dust on everything. Oh look! I think I just saw the rat from DAF skidaddle over to the Brian Grellis memorial wing.


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Is it cold in here, or is it just me?..
Any idea when the Lounge would reopen?


Anytime members stop bringing conspicuous paper bags that make these annoying rattling noises under the tables…

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